April 28, 2015 Newsletter

How to Start an Asian Influenced Trim

on a Chocolate Poodle Mix 

Judy Hudson, NCMG


Adorable after! 
Before: matted, but it has potential!

What we love about Judy Hudson is her sense of adventure.  Not many Training Partners would tackle a severely matted dog - but Judy does.  Plus, she starts trimming this cute little poodle mix but doesn't really know how she's going to finish it.


As we started the lesson, her plan was to do a standard teddy bear type trim.  Halfway through the lesson, she got an idea.  What if she changed it up and did an Asian styled head?  We loved the idea and told her to go for it!


How many times has that happened to you in your salon?    


We kept the cameras rolling while she figured out how she wanted to style the head.  At one point she did get a little foggy on where she needed to go.  That's okay.  It happens to all of us.


Luckily, the Internet came to the rescue.  We simply searched for Asian styled pet trims.  In no time, Judy found exactly what she was looking for and was able to finish out the haircut on this cute little dog in no time.


Although this is not a full Asian styled trim, it's a great way to get your clients introduced to this trim style.  It's a simple trim that has plenty of style and flair.


(You will see how she gently demats this pooch in an upcoming L2GD lesson.)


Approximate total running time:  47 minutes   


In this video you will learn:

  • how to quickly and easily trim around the feet.
  • how to educate the owners on proper coat maintenance.
  • why it is important to do a good job on all your grooms.
  • how to set the layered ear style.
  • how to set in an Asian influenced head style.

It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Grooming the Springer Spaniel 

In the perfect world, all Springers would be hand stripped.  However, this is not a reality for professional pet groomers.  We clipper cut many breeds that should be hand stripped.  In this session, Misty Fowler guides you through clippering a Springer.  She'll show you how you get a natural look that emphasizes the breed standard.  Typical pet grooming techniques using clippers, thinning shears, shears, and simple carding methods are used.  She also highlights some tips for eliminating common problems such as pattern setting, minimizing corduroy tracks, and blending.



Estimated Run Time:  60 minutes  

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