February 24, 2015 Newsletter

Using A Guard Comb to Establish the Profile of a Poodle in a German Trim While Cutting Your Scissoring Time      

Judy Hudson, NCMG    


Award-winning professional pet stylist, Judy Hudson, shows you how to minimize the amount of hand scissoring you need on a highly stylized German trim. In this Mini Lesson, you'll learn how to set in the front assembly and pop the chest, as well as using a variety of guard combs to establish the length of coat that will accentuate the profile of the dog.



Estimated Run Time:  7 minutes

It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Grooming the Norfolk Terrier          

Linda Claflin (Linda Cooper-Clafin or 'Linda CC') earned her right to be one of the Top 10 GroomTeam USA Stylists in 2004.  One of the breeds that put her in the Top 10 was the Norfolk Terrier.  In this session, Linda works on a pet that she has never seen before, guiding you through the hand stripping process combined with breed profile trimming.  She'll share with you products and tools to assist you in getting the 'look' in the shortest amount of time possible.

Estimated Run Time:  43 minutes  

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