January 16, 2015 Newsletter

Grooming the Airedale in a Modified Pet Trim

with Amy Triezenberg 
It's typical.  Many pet owners go for months between grooming appointments.  When they finally book their appointments, they want their Airedales super short.


Award-winning pet stylist, Amy Triezenberg, shows you how to modify the trim for a pet Airedale. It is nice and easy for the owners to keep up - yet still makes the dog look like it should.  This grooming lesson is full of super details.  Amy does an excellent job breaking this entire haircut down so it is easy for you to understand - and apply.


Amy uses a #7F blade to set the body length.  As she sets the pattern, she shows you where to place the lines using the dog's structure.  The blended areas need to be invisible.  Amy shows you how to quickly and easily transition the shorter clipped coat into the longer furnishings.  She also shows you a great shortcut using guard combs on the legs to shape them.  By doing this, it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to scissor the legs perfectly.


As Amy says, "It is very important to get the face right - Terriers are all about expression."  She walks you through the details of trimming the pet Airedale Terrier head to get the correct style, shape, and expression.


Many of Amy's techniques can be used with other long legged Terriers.  Breeds such as the Welsh, Wire Fox, Lakeland, and even Schnauzers are all similar.  Make sure you're familiar with the breed standards of each one.  There are minor differences, especially with the heads.  However, if you can groom the Airedale well, you can groom many of the other similar breeds.


This full lesson runs just over an hour in length.  We have broken it into sections for easier viewing.  This entire lesson is absolutely packed with great information.  You'll be able to get your pet Airedales resembling the breed standard - even if they are clipper cut AND you only see them a few times a year!


Approximate total running time:  70 minutes  


Part 1:  Setting the Body Pattern with Clippers

Part 2:  Trimming the Feet, Legs, and Underline

Part 3:  Trimming the Head & Finishing the Chest


In this video you will learn:

  • how to get the ears super-clean.
  • how to avoid grooming a tail that looks like a bee stinger.
  • proper blending techniques for transition areas.
  • how to give distinction from the front leg to the body.
  • how to trim the eyebrows so you create get the correct expression.

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New Blog From Melissa Verplank 

As a professional pet groomer, time is money.  Details count, even if it's the bottom of the dog's feet.  Paying attention to the details also ensures you will have a loyal stream of repeat clients every week.


Let's face it - once a dog is at home, the pet spends a lot of time snoozing.  The feet are totally exposed, and so is your work.  In my book, there simply is no excuse for messy feet.  The process hardly takes any time when using the right tools and techniques.


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How to Set the Pattern on a Clipped  

Springer Spaniel 

Award-winning pet stylist, Misty Fowler, demonstrates how to set the pattern on a Springer using the dog's body structure.  Before she starts clipping, Misty gives you some great insight on what should do before you even begin working on the dog.  She also shares tips on how to get the coat to come off smoothly. 


Approximate running time:  

6 minutes.


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From the Archives!  

When Teresa first hit the contest circuit with this breed, judges were baffled as to how to judge this breed.  By the time Teresa retired from contest pet grooming, most judges had a firm grip on how this breed should be groomed - thanks to Teresa.  In this lesson, she shows you how to groom the Clumber Spaniel to breed standard.  She works the coat using hand-stripping and thinning shear techniques to bring out the essence of the breed.   

Estimated Run Time:  

59 minutes  

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