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December 5, 2014 Newsletter

Quick n' Easy Pet Bichon Trim

with Amy Triezenberg

Are you like most grooming salons?  You have more than your fair share of these little white powder puffs.  Only when they get to you, they're typically not so white.


Award-winning stylist, Amy Triezenberg shows you how she grooms every day pet Bichons in the salon.  She modifies the trim so that it short and easy to care for.  (A bonus to the pet stylist!)  It's an easy haircut to do.  Amy does leave some of the fur long in key areas.  By doing this, she can maintains the essence of a Bichon.


If you're like most of us in a busy salon, you might really enjoy scissoring.  But if you have to scissor 8 to 10 dogs a day, you need a way to minimize all that effort.  Guard combs are the answer.


In this lesson, Amy shows you how to set in the pattern using guard combs and body structure.  She shares some of her best shortcuts to minimize time and scissoring.  The end result is a haircut that represents the breed nicely.  Yet it is shorter and easy to care for the pet owner.


This lesson is loaded with great tips, so get your pencil ready to take notes.  Or set up your tablet next to your grooming station the next time you need to groom a Bichon.


Approximate total running time:  42 minutes   


Session A:  Setting the Body Pattern, Trimming the Legs & Tail

Session B:  Trimming the Head & Blending the Neck 


In this video you will learn:

  • how to use a guard comb to minimize scissoring.
  • how to round feet so they are tight and neat.
  • how to trim the tail of a Bichon.
  • how to get into that pesky armpit area.
  • how to blend the head and the neck seamlessly together so that it is not pinched.

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Positively Introducing a New Dog to the Grooming Process

Award-winning pet stylist, Linda Claflin shows you how to introduce a large dog to the grooming process in a way that wins its trust and cooperation.  She uses aromatherapy, personal energy, and soothing touches to get this large - and nervous - Rottweiler calm and accepting. This is a fabulous lesson for anyone who struggles with getting dogs to cooperate on the grooming table. 


This Mini Lesson is an excerpt of  Dealing with Problem Dogs.


Approximate running time:  

10 minutes.


Mini Lessons are only available to Members of  

From the Archives!  

Lindsey demonstrates how to trim her 'Bella-Bottom' trim.  When we asked Lindsey how she came up with the name.  She shrugged and said, "I named it after Bella" and gave the little Yorkshire Terrier a pat as she stood on the grooming table.  "She belongs to my vet but she kept getting matted.  This was the solution one day when she was exceptionally matted.  The owners loved the haircut.  We've been doing it ever since!"

Estimated Run Time:  

61 minutes  

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