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September 18, 2014 Newsletter
Top 10 Week!
These video lessons have been ranked in our Top 10
by YOU!  Enjoy this recap of your favorites of 2014.

Number 10

Mini Lesson with Lindsey Dicken:  How to Trim
a Show Style Bichon Head

The hallmark of the Bichon Frise is its expression. In this Mini Lesson, top stylist Lindsey Dicken shows you how to trim a classic show head style. She demonstrates how to "open up the eyes," set the jaw length, make the eyes the focus of the head, and how to build body into the coat. Join Lindsey as she demonstrates her winning ways just for our L2GD members.

Number 9

Grooming a Maltese
Shih Tzu Mix In a Plushy
Guard Comb Trim

This super popular trim is cute, easy to maintain, and It's a good length for multiple seasons.  In this lesson, Tracy Duncan tells you what types of tools she likes best - and why, as well as lots of detail on the most basic trimming techniques.  This is an excellent lesson if you're a new pet groomer struggling with drop coated breeds or if you're just getting your career started.

Number 8  

the Pet
Miniature Schnauzer
This Miniature Schnauzer groomed by Tracy Duncan is your typical dog client.  It lacks muscle tone. Its conformation is less than perfect. This little dog has enjoyed a few too many cookies to boot. Its coat is soft, sparse, and full of static. Plus, another groomer has removed coat in areas that shouldn't have been.  So what do you do to make this dog look its best?

Number 7 

'Gettin' er Done' Series with Judy Hudson: Grooming a
Shih Tzu in a Teddy Bear Trim  

In this lesson, Judy Hudson works on an overgrown Shih Tzu. The owner likes it cute - but not too long. Judy opts for a guard comb trim with slightly fuller legs. She shows you how to quickly work around the dog to create the teddy bear style.  She shows you all her shortcuts for getting a dog done in the least amount of time with quality, safety, and compassion for the pet in mind. 

Number 6

Grooming the
Miniature Schnauzer: 
The Short n' Sassy Pet Trim

In this lesson, Lindsey Dicken shows you how to retain the proper essence of the Miniature Schnauzer using muscle and bone structure to set the pattern lines seamlessly into the furnishings. Throughout the lesson, Lindsey gives you great time-saving tips and tricks, including which tools she likes to use and what products help her get the job done quickly. 

Number 5   

Cairn Terrier
Watch Lisa Leady work with two Cairn Terriers.  You'll learn some great handling tips as well as how long it takes an animal to learn new, acceptable behaviors.  Lisa provides easy to understand techniques that will help retain the color and harsh texture of the coat.  These tips, product ideas, and wisdom are the product of three generations of experience. 

Number 4  

Creating a Cute,
Easy-to-Care-For Trim
on a Pet Maltese   

In this lesson, Veronica Frosch grooms a Maltese in an adorable pet trim. She uses snap-on combs and oversized blenders for most of the haircut to get a super soft look. "It's all in the details" when it comes to creating a high quality trim that owners will love.  In this lesson, you'll learn the little details that make a big impact on this style.
Number 3

Grooming the Pet
West Highland
White Terrier
If L2GD had a rating system for its videos, this lesson featuring Courtney Ramstack would certainly have a 5 Paw rating! If you're struggling with how to set the Westie pattern, how to shape the head, or create a carrot tail - this video will bring clarity to what you're doing.  And if you are in any position that involves teaching or mentoring - this video is a must!
Number 2    

Hand Scissoring
the Pet Pomeranian
into a Teddy Bear Styled Trim
Marc LaFleur takes you through styling this Pomeranian into an adorable trim. In the end, 'Muck-Muck' is so cute, he looks like he should be a little stuffed bear!  Marc shows you how to use snap-on guard combs and hand scissoring to get a plush, stylized look. In a salon setting, this little dog goes from scruffy to adorable in about an hour.   

Number 1!
Grooming a Mature Golden Retriever in a Puppy Cut
Misty Fowler, CMG 

Do you have Golden clients that insist they want a haircut for their pooch? We know, we know... it's considered a cardinal sin to trim a Golden, but some owners just won't give up - they want their dogs shorter! If you don't do it, the groomers down the street will - and happily collect the money for doing it! What options do you have? The simplest trim is a shave off, but it's not all that appealing. Misty shows you two versions of a super cute trim. The first one she calls a "sporting trim." The second one she terms a "puppy trim." On both trims, Misty uses guard combs to set the length of the body coat. With one trim she leaves the feathers longer. In the second version, she trims the longer furnishings shorter. The differences are slight but both haircuts turn back the clock of time on this dog. The Golden looks like a puppy again. The end result is a trim that is appealing and easy to care for.


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