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May 30, 2014

Grooming a Miniature Poodle

In a German Trim

         with Judy Hudson, NCMG        

If you struggle with hand scissoring, you don't want to miss this lesson.  Award winning stylist, Judy Hudson shows you how to do a German Trim on a Miniature Poodle using mostly guard combs. When time is money, using universal combs can help you get through your dogs with lightning speed.


By using a universal snap on comb, you can set a consistent length based on the length of comb you select. They allow you to get through a lot of coat in a very short amount of time. An added bonus is that they reduce the skill level required with more complicated trims. Judy used this trimming technique in the competition ring. Today, she uses in her day-to-day pet grooming in her mobile van.  


Judy says, "I was not the best at hand scissoring. I did well enough to get by, but my guard combs were my lifesaver." 


Here's the secret almost all our L2GD Training Partners share - they know how to put the proper profile on the dog.  If you know how create the correct outline on a dog, you can take a load of shortcuts. The universal guard comb is one of those great shortcut tools.  Judy shows you how to set in this German Trim in her no-nonsense style.


Session A: The Importance of Prep Work & Blocking in the Dog (25 minutes)

Session B: Styling the Topknot & Finishing the Dog (20 minutes)    


Approximate total running time:  45 minutes


In this video you will learn:

  • the 4 areas you need for a perfect prep.
  • why it's important to get your hands on the coat before you start grooming.
  • how to set in bone structure utilizing guard combs.
  • why you are shooting yourself in the foot even if you do this skill well.
  • how to trim the hocks so they're perfect every time.  

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Approximate running time:  

6 minutes.


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Estimated Run Time:  

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