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May 8, 2014
The Theory of Asian Trim Styles 
         with Irina 'Pina' Pinkusevich        


It's the rage right now. Professional pet groomers just can't get enough of the Asian influenced styles for pets. Japanese styled haircuts. Asian influenced. Call it what you like -- the names are interchangeable. But the look is unique and extremely appealing to many pet owners.


Irina Pinkusevich, better known as "Pina," has been to Japan many times. She's seen this style develop firsthand. She's been invited to judge a number of grooming competitions of Asian influenced haircuts.


In this L2GD lesson, Pina leads you through the theory of what has influenced the Asian and Japanese pet styles. Breed standard trimming does not come into play. However balance and symmetry IS important. Equally important other technical skills required to execute this haircut in an appealing way.


Pina highlights a few examples of typical styles. She discusses the characteristics that are the hallmark of this unique look. She talks about products that help affect the outcome.  Pina also shares her thoughts about the tools necessary to create the look.


If you have not experimented with Japanese or Asian styled haircuts yet, this is a great lesson to get you started. The style is fun, different, and consumer appealing. It could be a great way to set your salon apart of the competition while earning extra income in the process!



Approximate total running time:  17 minutes


In this video you will learn:

  • what three items influenced these styles.  
  • why this trim style is 'pet owner friendly.'
  • the typical characteristics of Asian styled pet trims.
  • a few general rules to follow to get the look. 
  • what accessories bring a haircut to life.

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Approximate running time:

3 minutes.


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Estimated Run Time:  

14 minutes, 26 seconds

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