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April 25, 2014
Basic First Aid for
Pet Groomers
         with Judy Hudson NCMG       


If you haven't had an accident in your grooming shop yet -- you probably will. The best way to deal with an accident is to be prepared. Do you work around animals and sharp instruments?  Guess what? You are going to have to administer some basic first aid at some point in your career.


Did you know that before Judy Hudson was an award winning pet stylist, she was a certified a veterinarian technician? In three states? There isn't much that flusters Judy -- including dealing with injuries. With that kind of experience in her background, we asked Judy to talk to you about basic first aid in the pet grooming salon.


Judy's no nonsense approach allows her to cover a lot of ground in a very short time. She talks about typical accidents that happen in grooming shops all over. She gives you over 30 solutions, ideas and mini lessons. All the lessons deal with simple medical issues that you are likely to see in your shop.


Our demo dog, Cache, is less than thrilled with the entire lesson. You'll see it in her eyes. You'll see it in her yawns. But she's a trooper. By using a large dog for demonstration purposes, Judy is able to clearly demonstrate many of her techniques.


Throughout the lesson, Judy shares first-hand experiences and stories to help drive her points home. This is a fun lesson with many "Ah-ha" moments.



Approximate total running time:  34 minutes


In this video you will learn:

  •  how to deal with a minor cut on the ear.  
  •  what common item works well as an absorbent first aid dressing.
  •  how to minimize the blood flow and a toenail that's been trimmed to close.
  •  what you should have in your first aid kit. 
  •  how to communicate with owners when an injury occurs. 


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Approximate running time:

7 minutes.


Mini Lessons are only available to Members of 


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Estimated Run Time: 49 minutes


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