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April 17, 2014
Everyday Salon Styles:
The Pet American Cocker in
a 'Suburban Trim'
      with Kathy Rose      


When I first started grooming, my heart would sink when I saw an American Cocker Spaniel on my schedule. I knew I was in for a tough day. Cockers took me a long time to groom. I struggled with the pattern while getting them smooth. Many times their furnishings were matted. And I didn't even want to even think about their attitude.


I wish I had this video lesson back in the day... Luckily, Kathy's demonstration dog is very kind and sweet. Her biggest problem is  keeping this pooch awake throughout the grooming lesson!


Kathy Rose, demonstrates how to groom an American Cocker in a modified pet trim. She retains the essence of the breed while shortening the coat in an easy to maintain haircut for the owners. She shares with you her tricks on how to get the coat smooth, avoid tracking while minimizing the amount of time it takes to do the haircut.


Kathy starts off with the head -- demonstrating how to clip the muzzle, set the crown and trim the ears. For the body pattern, she uses a short clipper blade. While she's clipping in the pattern Kathy tells you why she has readjusted the line on the dog's side to accommodate the Suburban Trim. This older Cocker has in abundance of thick furnishings. Kathy shows you how to shorten the legs using a combination of guard combs. She finishes the dog with scissors, chunkers and thinning shears.


You've seen Kathy Rose's work in Groomer to Groomer magazine. She writes a regular column for them called Bread & Butter Grooming. In this L2GD lesson, Kathy captures the essence of her column on video. This is a typical pet that would walk into any grooming salon -- anywhere.



Approximate total running time:  60  minutes


   Session A:

       Prep Work and Trimming the Head (approx. 20 minutes) 


              Session B:  

       Setting the Body Pattern (approx. 13 minutes)


Session C:

       Styling the Legs and Furnishings (approx. 27 minutes) 


       Session D:
       Finishing the Head and Trim Recap (approx. 10 minutes) 


In this video you will learn:

  •  how to minimize tracking in the coat.  
  •  the difference between a show pattern and the pet pattern.
  •  what combination of guard combs work well on the furnishings.
  •  what shears work great on the furnishings for natural look. 
  •  how to work the transition lines. 


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4 Ways to Tie a Basic Bow 


Melissa Verplank, author of the Whiskers Learning Journal 'Bows' demonstrates how to make the perfect base bow four different ways. In this Mini Lesson, she shows you how to tie off bows with your fingers and/or with a couple common tools easily found in most grooming salons or local craft stores.




Approximate running time:

7 minutes 30 seconds.


Mini Lessons are only available to Members of 


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From the Archives!  

Grooming a Maltese Puppy   


In this session, Courtney grooms an adorable Maltese puppy. She shows you how to create a shorter style that plays up the positive features of this breed. Courtney uses a combination of  guard combs and thinning shears to get the look. As she works with her guard combs, she clearly demonstrates how to get a smooth, track- free cut. She shows you how to quickly trim angles on the front and rear of the puppy, showing off its structure. Courtney finishes the trim with a charming head style, tying up the top knot, highlighting his gorgeous dark eyes and trimming the ears so they blend with the jaw-line.       



Estimated Run Time: 43 minutes


Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
When doing a final rinse on a dog in the tub, always let a gentle, lukewarm stream of water
flush over the dog's eyes ensuring there
is no shampoo left in the eyes.



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