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March 27, 2014
Creative Styling:
Quick & Easy Nail Art for Dogs
with Angela Kumpe     


Nail art is the rage these days. It's amazing what types of designs nail technicians come up with for people. Why should dogs be any different?


Fancy nails aren't just for poodles anymore! Creative styling whiz, Angela Kumpe shows you some fast, easy and fun ways to bling up nails on any dog. Clients love them. And some of them last for months!




Join Angela as she shows you how to apply:


  •          Nail Stickers
  •          Nail Wraps
  •          Polka Dots
  •          Nail Stamps


Nail art is an easy add-on service for many salons. It's fun and slightly different.  Nail art is subtle but earns big dividends once it's noticed!  


Approximate total running time: 17 minutes   




In this video you will learn:

  • creative options for black nails.  
  •  how to make a design last for weeks (and sometimes months!).
  •  how to keep longer fur out of the way.
  •  what products to use. 
  •  hints on how to practice before you apply to a pet. 




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The Effects of Diet, Rest & Exercise
on Occupational Athletes




The pet grooming industry is booming. It's no secret. There are more jobs than there are groomers. But it's also an industry where approximately 50% of all pet professionals experience pain at some point in their career. Are you one of them? Have you let your pain go to the point where you are forced to deal with crisis care? Has your pain forced you to step away from the grooming table? Or worse yet, permanently lay down your shears?

If you could remove that pain through self-care and preventative health care -- would you? Without drugs. Without surgery. Well guess what, you can.


A large part of our overall health starts with these three areas;

  •          Diet
  •          Rest
  •          Exercise

In this Mini Lesson, Dr. Matt talks about the importance of these three areas and small things you can do right now to start on down the path of a healthier, and more comfortable, lifestyle.


This presentation was filmed before a live audience at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in Jenison, Michigan. Our Founder, Melissa Verplank and popular L2GD Training Partner Judy Hudson are sitting in the audience.  


Approximate running time:

10 minutes 45 seconds.


Mini Lessons are only available to Members of 


NEW BLOG from Melissa Verplank
Charting Your Progress 


I love the saying, "What gets measure gets managed." If you are not tracking what is getting done, you do not have a record to monitor your progress.  


Recently we worked with Jennifer, one of our leading stylists at one of my companies. Jennifer works full-time at Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa. We were filming a video lesson with her. Jennifer arrived on set beaming. She couldn't wait to tell us she just beat her personal best in grooming sales for one week.




From the Archives!  

Hand Stripping Basics    


Hand stripping is more than a technique: it's an art. An art with lots of variables! Not only is there a wide range of tools to select from - there are a lot of different coat scenarios! Michell is a master at the craft. In this lesson, she breaks down the hand stripping tools for you. She discusses the difference between raking a coat out, carding, and stripping. She walks you through the basic tools you would need for each task. Next, Michell gives you an elementary description between the differences of 'rolling a coat' and 'staging a coat.' She shares a few helpful resources for finding great products online and even suggests a few dispensable items to try on your next hand stripping project  





Estimated Run Time: 21 minutes


Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
To minimize an accidental hole
cut into the coat, blend out the
high edges with thinning shears.



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