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February 13, 2014
'Gettin' er Done' Series
Grooming a Gray & White
Poodle-Bichon Mix in a
Teddy Bear Style Trim
with Judy Hudson, NCMG 


Judy Hudson is an awarding winning groomer. She is also a popular demonstrator at grooming trade shows. In this lesson, Judy works on Poodle/Bichon mix. This is the same kind of dog we all see in our grooming shops every day. This Teddy Bear trim is one of the most popular trim styles in grooming shops everywhere. But our question is: Can you do this haircut in about a half hour or less?


The dog Judy is working on is an older dog who is a part of the 'full figure' group. Her once thick coat is starting to get thinner in places - it just doesn't have the fullness it once did. As she's aged, she's not as stable and comfortable on the grooming tables as she once was.


Judy shows you how to make this dog look super cute in no time. Judy used mostly clippers to set in this trim. She uses a variety of lengths to accentuate this little dog's structure. On her body, Judy selects a blade that will whittle her waistline while creating overall balance with the haircut. On the legs, Judy chooses a guard comb to leave the legs a bit fuller. To detail out the last few lumps and bumps, she uses scissors and blenders to get a nice smooth finish. She finishes the trim with a cute, Teddy Bear round head style.


In a very short amount of time, this trim is complete. Judy shares with you all her speed grooming tricks to get this old girl on and off the grooming table in about 30 minutes for a complete haircut.



Approximate total running time: 34 minutes 


In this video you will learn:

  •  how to use blades and guard combs to quickly set in the trim using bone structure. 
  •  why it's important to 'groom for the next appointment'.
  •  ways to keep older dogs comfortable and secure on the grooming table.
  •  how to tidy up the muzzle coat without trimming it. 
  •  how to trim the perfect ear every time in seconds.


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How to Make Nail Mending Caplets
for Your Clients


Learn2Groomdogs Founder, Melissa Verplank, shows you how to make your own nail mending caplets. These are a fabulous item to give your clients when the inevitable happens - you clip a nail too short and it bleeds. Sure you stopped it when the dog was with you - but what happens if it re-breaks open at home with the client. Melissa has been sending clients home with these tiny gems for years - and avoided lots of upholstery cleaning bills!




Approximate running time: 
6 minutes.

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NEW BLOG from Melissa Verplank
How to Get the Most from a
Hands-On Grooming Clinic



One cruise through the TV channels and you'll find all kinds of celebrity chefs sharing their skills. Pick your cuisine or cooking style and you can find someone to inspire you - whether it is via TV or by attending a class hosted by a local celebrity chef.


In the pet grooming industry, we have the same thing!  





From the Archives!  

Trimming Poodle Faces, Feet and Tails  

This video will help you learn how to:

  • Choose the correct blade
  • Set the lines correctly
  • Create a smooth, clean finish
  • Trim all four feet in three minutes


Estimated Run Time: 20 minutes


Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
The word "naked" is normally a highly effective adjective when describing to a client how much coat will be left on after a full shave off.



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