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February 06, 2014
Highly Stylized Pet Trim on a Bichon
with Linsdey Dicken, NCMG 


Join award winning pet stylist, Lindsey Dicken as she gives her own wispy haired Bichon Frise a fun makeover. The haircut is still reminiscent of Bichon styling; however, it has a bit of an Asian flair. The look she is going for is somewhat of an exaggerated cartoon look. To add even more fun, there is still left over color from when this dog was used in a creative demonstration. 


Lindsey shows you how to set-up this trim by taking the body tight with clippers. She then skims off the legs with guard combs creating flair towards the feet. She finishes styling the dog with scissors and large blenders. While she is working over the dog she's always keeping symmetry and balance in mind.


This is a fun trim that is easy to execute on a wide variety of dogs. In the pet grooming industry, Asian styling is hot. The premise behind Asian styling is not conservative breed standard trimming. Most of the time there's a real combination of short and longer sculpted fur.


Lindsey finds this haircut a nice mix between traditional styling and a comic book character look. This particular dog is very fun-loving and silly. Lindsey says this is a style that suits him very well. I'm sure you have many clients in your files with this trim would be suitable as well.


Approximate total running time:

49 minutes

Session A:  Setting the Body, Legs & Feet

Session B:  Styling the Head 

            Session C:   Styling the Neck & Pulling the Trim Together 


In this video you will learn:

  •  how to skim with clippers to save on scissoring. 
  •  how to trim full, round feet safely.
  •  what can be a lifesaver on this type of coat.
  •  what trick works well when rounding the head. 
  •  what blenders are Lindsey's current favorites.


Sessions A, B & C

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Trimming the Pet Springer Spaniel Head


Award winning pet stylist, Suesan Watson shows you how to style a pet Springer Spaniel head with clippers. She talks about the variety of blade lengths to use on the muzzle, throat, ears and on the top of the head. Sue also discusses how to modify the ears to better suit a pet. As a bonus she shows you some great safety tips when working around the ears.




Approximate running time: 
11 minutes.

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of   

ENCORE BLOG from Melissa Verplank
The Westminster Dog Show
is Just Around the Corner



This time of year I always get excited. The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is just around the corner! For almost as long as I can remember, I have firmly planted myself in front of the TV for two nights. I would watch the show in its entirety. Why? 


Because, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show is the "Superbowl" of the dog world. It is the best way to stay up to date with the latest trends and styles.




From the Archives!  

Hand Stripping the Pet Norfolk Terrier  

Linda Claflin-Phelps (Linda Cooper-Clafin or "Linda CC") earned her right to be one of the Top 10 GroomTeam USA Stylists in 2004. One of the breeds that put her in the Top 10 was the Norfolk Terrier. In this session, Linda works on a pet that she has never seen before, guiding you through the hand stripping process combined with breed profile trimming. She'll share with you products and tools to assist you in getting the 'look' in the shortest amount of time possible.


Estimated Run Time: 43 minutes


Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
With the guard comb, sink into the stroke and then lean your clipper back so the guard is riding on its heel as you pull through the stroke,
lifting the teeth slightly so they don't dig into the pet or jam into the skin.



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