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January 9, 2014
 Creative Styling:
Creating a Care Bear Inspired Design: Cheer Bear
with Angels Kumpe


Angela Kumpe is a top creative pet stylist. Many creative groomers pull their inspiration from children's comic characters. That's where this fun concept came from. Angela's concept for this creative design came from the Care Bear series. Cheer Bear is the pink bear with a rainbow on her belly.


The dog she uses in this lesson was equally inspiring. This little poodle mix is a very easy going little dog that spends the majority of her time on her back looking for belly rubs. This is the perfect creative design for her. Plus, she's perfect to groom. As you watch Angela apply the rainbow on her chest, this little pooch is so relaxed for the grooming process, she's falling asleep!


In this lesson Angela give you all the details you need to create this design. She talks about the types of dyes she uses that are safe for the pet. She demonstrates how to apply the color. What is the best order to apply the color. How to keep the colors from smearing into other areas of the coat. How to apply the pink dye safely around the eyes and muzzle of the pet. Once this adorable little dog is bathed and dried, Angela shows you how to enhance areas that might be a bit light with the semi-permanent color.


When we were not filming, this little dog spent her time at a luxury pet resort. She was a huge hit with the staff and clients. Needless to say, she spent a large portion of her time in the staff's arms, upside down - showing off her rainbow and soaking up all the attention!


Approximate total running time: 33 minutes 



In this video you will learn:

  • what type of dog works best for this creative design. 
  •  what brands of dye work the best.
  •  how to apply the color to the coat.
  •  safety precautions to use so the colors do not smear. 
  •  how to enhance the design once the dog is bathed and fluffed. has many benefits that come along with being a member, including:
  • over 350 of HOW TO groom videos from the best teachers in the business. You will learn from the top training partners from across the country.
  • new videos are added every week featuring an amazing cast of professionals.
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There is something for everyone from beginning groomer to seasoned pet stylist. You will also find cat grooming videos, creative styling lessons, business building topics and product reviews.


Presenting Your Grooming Dog
to the Judge or Certifier

These seasoned competitors and award-winning contest judges give you their best tips on how to present your dog to the judge or certifier. If you are new to the ring or thinking about taking the leap, you don't want to miss this session. 





Approximate running time: 

7 minutes, 23 seconds.

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of   

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From the Archives!  

Grooming the Irish Water Spaniel 


In Part 1, Michell discusses the breed. As she introduces the IWS, she highlights unique features on this breed. She talks about basic pattern and structure of the dog.  What blades to use on the face and tail along with guard comb options to set the pattern while accentuating the breed profile, balance and style on an Irish Water Spaniel.

Approximate running time  

Part 1: 35 minutes
Setting the Overall Pattern & Styling the Legs   

Session A: Face, Tail and  Body Pattern - 25 minutes
Session B: Trimming the Legs & Accentuating Correct Structure  - 10 minutes


In Part 2, Michell demonstrates how to style the head and ears on an IWS. In this session she also shows you how to re-curl the coat for the classic IWS look.


Approximate running time

Part II: 28 minutes

Trimming the Head of an Irish Water Spaniel, Re-Curling the Coat & Final Tweaking
Session A: Styling the Head & Ears - 20 minutes
Session B: Re-Curling the Coat & Final Finish - 8 minutes


Part I: Session A &  B

Part II: Session A & B

Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
When scissoring, only
your thumb should move.



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