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December 6, 2013
 Setting the Continental Show Trim
On a Miniature Poodle
Lesson #1
with Irina 'Pina' Pinkusevitch


The haircut on a Miniature Poodle is extremely complex. It takes a lot of time and tweaking to get it scissored really well. It's a hard trim to execute correctly.


As Irina 'Pina' Pinkusevitch says, "There are no broken lines. The trim should be soft. And round. And flowing. And pretty. When I hear the word poodle; I see pretty and beautiful."


This video is for advanced pet stylist. It is a lesson for those looking to master the Continental Trim on the Poodle for the confirmation show ring or the pet grooming arena. A pre-requisite before attempting this haircut is a thorough understanding of the breed standard, 

structure and movement along with strong technical skills.


This is the breed Pina knows exceptionally well. She has shown and bred them for years in the AKC confirmation ring. In the competitive pet grooming world, she has proven herself over and over again with wins and placements with this same trim. Join her as she shows you how to set the pattern on a gorgeous Miniature Poodle that she co-owns.


This is a two-part lesson. In the first lesson, we are featuring how to set the pattern on the body. Setting the pattern is broken up into multiple sections. The second part of this lesson will be Creating the Spray up & Detailing the Finish on a Miniature Poodle Show Trim. The second part of this lesson will air next week.


Approximate total running time: 49 minutes  

Session A: setting the cuffs and close clipper work

Session B: setting the jacket hip rosettes

Session C: finishing the bracelets and tail 


In this video you will learn:

  • a great trick to set the cuffs on a show or pet poodle. 
  •  how to set the bracelets.
  •  what shape you are looking for on the Continental jacket.
  •  how much they should be there between the rosettes. 
  •  how to set the bracelets to enhance movement and structure.


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Setting in the Airedale Shoulder   

Award winning pet stylist, Tracy Duncan shows you how to set in the shoulder area of a clipped Airedale Terrier to accentuate the structure of the dog. Long legged terriers like the Airedale are all about the muscle. In this Mini Lesson, Tracy demonstrates technique using multiple blade lengths and thinning shears to get the correct look for the breed.  





Approximate running time: 

7 minutes.

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of   

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From the Archives!  

Using Style to Bring Out the  

Charm in a Lhasa/Poo 

One of the most common mixed breeds in the grooming salon is the Lhasa/Poodle mix.  Sue gives a detailed demonstration using snap-on combs and hand scissoring techniques on one side, then grooms the opposite side at a much more rapid pace.  This technique allows you see the grooming process twice!  You won't want to miss Sue's secrets for taking years off the pet with a few snips of the shears.
Approximate running time: 57 minutes.

Grooming TIP of the WEEK!
During peak season when you are extremely busy, have the phone number of your favorite restaurants close to the phone.



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