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October 4, 2013
Handstripping a Blown Coat
on a Cairn Terrier 

Michell Evans - ICMG, NCMG


This lesson is the companion video to
Handstripping the Cairn Terrier Using the 50/50 Method with Michell Evans.

As with any pet dog, you have options on what grooming technique you choose. Those options will be dictated by; the condition of the coat, the attitude of the pet and the owner's wishes.


Michell has opted to show you two different methods of handstripping on this Cairn Terrier. On one side of the dog she showed you the 50/50 method. In this segment, Michell shows you how to take the coat all the way down to the undercoat coat, removing the majority of the course guard coat. This certainly is not the most ideal way to groom a Cairn Terrier. It leaves the dog heavily overly groomed. The only reason you would take a cairn terrier this close would be for a specific reason. Michell helps you understand why this is a valid option when grooming some Cairn Terriers.


Approximate running time: 20 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • a simple way to maintain this coat type
  • when you need to see the dog again to start the rotation
  • when to determine when the dog is ready to come back
  • what tools to use to remove a blown coat
  • a trick you can use to remove a lot of coat out of the thigh area  
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Setting Trim on a Cat that Hides
the Cookie Pouch  

Award winning pet stylist, Kendra Otto uses her own sassy cat to demonstrate how to set the lines of this trim. Kendra calls it The Barbary Lion Trim. This is a great haircut option for those clients that want their feline to have a haircut but don't want to lose all of the fur. It's also a super trim to disguise the 'cookie pouch' so many of our inactive house cats have!


Approximate running time: 
8 minutes.

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New Blog from Melissa Verplank
...And Then Some

I'm always looking for ways to stay motivated. I love the little books put out by Simple Truths. My latest one I just finished was called Charging the Human Battery by Mac Anderson.


There is one section that really got me thinking. I'd like to share it with you.


Committing to excellence is not an act, it's an attitude. It's an attitude that is captured in the short thought titled:


And then some...


From the Archives!   

Grooming a Mature Golden Retriever in a Puppy Cut


 Do you have Golden clients that insist they want a haircut for their pooch? We know, we know... it's considered a cardinal sin to trim a Golden, but some owners just won't give up - they want their dogs hair shorter! If you don't do it, the groomers down the street will - and happily collect the money for doing it!
What options do you have?
Approximate running time: 49 minutes
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