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September 26, 2013
Handstripping the Cairn Terrier
Using the 50/50 Method 

Michell Evans - ICMG, NCMG


The look you are going for when grooming a Cairn Terrier is 'scruffy.' The best way to get the correct look is with handstripping. Clipper cutting a Cairn Terrier normally leaves the dog looking 'too groomed' and destroys texture of the coat. Handstripping is the correct grooming method for this breed. It maintains the color and texture of the coat. It's been done for ages - way before the use of electric clippers!


The Cairn Terrier is a great breed for a beginner to practice their handstripping skills. Out of the many breeds that are handstripped, the Cairn is one of the easier breeds to learn on. When the coat is ready to be pulled, it comes out easily. The pattern on a Cairn is simple - scruffy. There isn't much of a pattern line to follow. However, you do have choices on what method and/or technique will work best for individual pets.


In this lesson, Michell Evans demonstrates how to apply the 50/50 method of handstripping to this Cairn Terrier. This technique leaves the dog with correct look for the breed profile while promoting proper coat texture and color.



Approximate running time: 44 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • How to decide what grooming method to use
  • What type of pattern you should aim for when grooming this breed
  • Which tools to use
  • Simple tricks to use to maintain the correct coat texture on a pet
  • How to get the correct expression on the head  
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Grooming a Carrot Tail Style on a Westie

Award winning pet stylist, Courtney Ramstack shows you how to style tail on a West Highland White Terrier. The correct shape resembles an upside down carrot. Courtney shows you her tricks to get the proper shape in just moments. This Mini Lesson is taken from one of our most popular full video lessons in the Learn2GroomDogs video library.



Approximate running time: 
6 minutes.

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New Blog from Melissa Verplank
What Was I Thinking?

The first time I saw a rescue makeover grooming competition I became all choked up. There's close to 50 dogs in the ring. Every single dog had been abandoned for one reason or another. They came in every shape and size. Their coat conditions varied greatly. Some dogs looked like they had been groomed recently, while others were an absolute disaster. However, by the end of the class every dog was clean, appealing and ready to be adopted. This was 'real life' pet grooming for every salon around the country.



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