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September 19, 2013

Creative Styling:

Adding Sparkle & Glamor with Glitter

Lori Craig


What a super simple way to add Lori Craig with Glitter

revenue to your bottom line? You get lots of sparkle and a lot of glam for very little effort. Glitter and simple bling is very easy to do.


Award-winning creative stylist, Lori Craig's shows you three different ways to glamor up a pooch. All three ways are super simple. Super-quick. And extremely economical.


First Lori starts with body art. She has some great tricks on how to apply glitter without making a mess. Next, she shows you how to dress up the ear tips on a short coated dog.  She finishes out the segment by adding body bling. All three items only take moments to do.


Adding glam to your grooming services will bring a smile to your client's face. It's an easy add-on service to add just like bows and polish. Your clients will love it.


Approximate running time: 13 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • what brand of glue makes glitter stick really well on
    short coated dogs
  • what brand of glitter works well
  • how to apply the glitter without making a mess
  • ideas on how much to charge per design
  • where to get the products 

Trimming the English Cocker Head
with Judy Hudson
Judy Hudson English Cocker


The English Cocker has a very distinctive head. In this L2GD Mini Lesson, award-winning pet stylist, Judy Hudson leads you through the steps to create a show style head in no time.


Approximate running time: 
8 minutes.

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of   

New Blog from Melissa Verplank
For the Love of Lavender 

I love lavender.  I've always loved running my hands through fresh lavender. Then I'd bring my hands up to my face and inhale deeply. Ahhhhh.  What a wonderful aroma!  


For the past 30 years, I've always had lavender planted in my gardens.  I would love to cuddle with one of my cats after they have woven their way through a brush. There is nothing better than snuggling with a friendly feline that smells like lavender!


From the Archives!   

Creating a New Trim Style on a Full Coated Shih Tzu That Is Stylish and Easy to Maintain

with Lisa Leady 

Pandi After
You've seen Pandy in our video lessons and in Melissa Verplank's book, The Theory of Five.  She's that black-and-white Shih Tzu with an overabundance of long, flowing coat. In this video lesson master pet stylist, Lisa Leady, creates a totally new look for Pandy.

Approximate running time: 58 minutes

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