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September 6, 2013

Andis Clipper & Blade Maintenance

with Michell Evans - 'Andis Spokesperson'




Clippers and blades are a large investment for the professional pet groomer. Every piece of mechanical equipment needs routine care. Keeping your clippers and blades well serviced ensures you get years of use from your grooming tools.


Top pet stylist Michell Evans, demonstrates how to properly maintain Andis equipment. 


For this demonstration, she uses three clippers:

  1. Andis Excel 5 Speed
  2. Pulse Ion
  3. AGR+ Rechargeable


In this L2GD lesson, Michell shows you how to routinely service these clippers.


Plus she shows you how to clean and disinfect clipper blades. Keeping your blades well serviced ensures they run smoothly between sharpenings.



Approximate running time: 29 minutes

In this video you will learn:
    • Why you should change your blade drive and how to do it
    • What signs tell you your hinge assembly needs to be replaced
    • Why it's important to oil your blades
    • What causes blades to rattle and what you can do to fix the problem
    • What combination of products and tools should be used to service your equipment
New Mini Lesson with Kristie Swan 
How to Read Dog Body Language when Meeting a New Dog
Kristie Swan


Dogs have a complex way of communicating. Subtle signs in their movements can speak volumes. The key to working successfully with dogs is being able to interpret their language. In this L2DG lesson, Certified Dog Trainer Kristie Swan helps you read some of those signs as different dogs come to greet her. This is a super Mini Lesson for someone just starting to work professionally with dogs. 



Approximate running time:
5 minutes, 19 seconds.

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of 

New Blog from Melissa Verplank
What is the First Shear You Should Add to Your Tool Kit? 



I get asked this question all the time. What is the first shear I recommend to add to a new groomer's toolkit?


Once your clientele builds up, you'll want to add to your shear collection. Most groomers start out with a handful of shears.


From the Archives!  
Grooming a Pomeranian Mix Bringing Out a Charming Expression                   
with Courtney Ramstack
In this session, Courtney grooms an adorable Pomeranian/ Maltese mix. This dog is as cute as a button, however, she has her own set of challenges. She is an older dog that needs some special handling in order to keep her safe and secure. She also has a bit of a feisty attitude -- biting Courtney twice during the filming of the session. This lesson is not just about grooming using guard combs, scissors, and thinning shears. Much of this lesson deals with handling an older dog, including the mental focus that you need to do it safely. Courtney is a master at not getting flustered!

Approximate running time: 53 minutes
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