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JULY 25TH, 2013
Creative Styling:  Butterfly Clipper Art
with Lori Craig  

Clipper art is becoming very popular. We are seeing it on both people and pets. It can be simple or elaborate. There are multiple ways to create this hot styling trend. Some creative groomers opt to go totally free-hand, others opt for a template to assist with creating the design pattern.


Award winning creative pet stylist, Lori Craig, demonstrates how to use a body stamp as a template for her butterfly design. In this lesson, she shows you how to set the design. Once the butterfly is set, she carves out the design to make it pop. As a finishing touch, she shows you how to really bring the design to life with added sparkle and bling.


This is a fun creative art form that can be applied to both long and short coated pets. In the session, Lori shows you what types of products she uses, where you can get them, and why she likes to use them. The camera work in this lesson is incredible.  Our viewers get fabulous lessons in the intricate details of this design as Lori works.


As Lori says, "Creative grooming can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your dogs." (We've seen this done on cats too!)  If you haven't played with creative grooming yet, this technique might just be your ticket.


Approximate running time: 24 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • What creative items to use to set the design
  • What type of clippers work best for this art form
  • Which coat types work best for this application
  • Who has the best shears for creative detail work
  • How to get the design to really pop off the pet
New Mini Lesson with Suesan Watson

Basic Handstripping Techniques  

on a Cairn Terrier   

Award winning pet stylist Suesan Watson demonstrates a few basic handstripping methods on a Cairn Terrier. This breed should have a harsh coat. They should look 'scruffy'. In this mini lesson, Sue shows you how to identify which hairs should be pulled and why. This method can be used on any harsh coated dog to promote a healthy skin and proper coat texture for the breed.


Approximate running time: 11 minutes

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of  

Melissa's New Blog

An active form of drying always will yield the best results. Having a beautifully clean and dried coat also will lessen the amount of time it takes to execute the final grooming procedures on a pet. It will help you earn you the highest scores in certification testing. It will help you win grooming competitions. But most importantly, pets that have beautifully prepared coats will create return clients for your business and save you time.

To get a quality finish on most clipper and scissor finishes, the coat needs to be as straight as possible.



Trimming a Pet Yorkie Head Style
with Kendra Otto
In this lesson, Kendra focuses just on the head of this cute Yorkie. She shows you how to get the look with a little clipper work and a lot of thinning shear trimming.

In this video you will learn:             
  • What blade to use to quickly set the length
  • How to pull the expression out of the eyes
  • How to trim the ears
  • Small details that make a big difference in the end look
Approximate running times: 21 minutes

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