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JULY 11TH, 2013
Grooming a Full-Coated Shih Tzu
in an Outlined Layer Cut
with Tracy Duncan 

Award-winning pet stylist Tracy Duncan has a lot of clients in this quick little trim. It works well on many drop-coated breeds such as Shihtzu, Lhasas and Maltese. The key to success with this style of haircut is working with the coat that has a bit of wire texture to it.

Tracy does the entire trim using primarily thinning shears to blend the coat and shears to shape the feet. When the trim is finished, you have the illusion of a full coated dog. Yet the hair is much shorter. It's tidy. And everything is very soft.

There are multiple ways that you can finish off the head style on this trim. Tracy opts to demonstrate a tied up topknot on this girl - including a very feminine little pink bow. The entire trim is so fitting for a little dog.

This is a very cute trim that is easy to do.

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • What type of thinning shears Tracy uses to get the look
  • How to set the length
  • How to round the feet so that it blends naturally into the longer coat
  • How to tie up a topknot
  • An important rule you always need to double check -- and so do owners 

New Mini Lesson with Angela Kumpe

Fun Temporary Color & Accessories for Pets

One of the leaders in the creative pet styling industry is Angela Kumpe. In this L2GD Mini Lesson, Angela shows you the wide selection of temporary color that you can apply to a pet's coat. Most of these colors wash out in one to three washings. She ends the Mini Lesson by showing you some fabulous accessories that are fun and easy to apply to many different pets.

Approximate running time: 12 minutes

Mini Lessons are only available to Members of  

Melissa's New Blog

Life is like high school. Those things that made you popular start to matter again. Like it, hate it, fight it, but it is true. The competent and likable pet groomer will attract far more business than the extremely talented but socially deficient expert. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

From the Archive: Making Money with Feline Grooming
Part 1: Formula for Potential Revenue

with Danelle German
Even if you don't groom cats, you will gain some valuable insights. Not only is Danelle German an extraordinary cat groomer, she's a savvy business owner as well. A lot of this important information easily translates between dog and cat grooming. You will learn:
  • How Danelle got her cat grooming experience
  • Why it's important to apply show principles to everyday cats when you can
  • How you can grow a business in less than one year
  • The formula for success
  • Why Danelle opened the National Cat Grooming Institute 

This is one of the more than 300 grooming lessons in the archive.
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