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June 27, 2013
Grooming a Havanese in a
Popular & Cute Pet Trim
with Komako 'Koko' Tanaka ICMG

Every shop does a variation of this trim. What do you do with those breeds that have naturally long and natural coats? What options do you have when an owner does not want to care for a drop coated breed in full coat? Shih Tzus. Maltese. Lhasas. Havanese. Mixed breeds with those breeds in their genetic background. There are all kinds of dogs that walk through our doors with this coat type. We know the drill.  Owners don't want to maintain all the fur!

In this lesson, Koko shows you how she gets a cute look on a young pet Havanese. She uses attach on guard combs in a special way that gets the coat smooth. To get the perfect, soft finished look, she works the coat primarily with blenders. The end result comes together very quickly. It's cute and super appealing. A perfect pet trim -- for any drop coated breed.

Approximate running time: 33 minutes
In this video you will learn:
  • How to work with guard combs
  • Ways to keep the trim looking soft and natural
  • Which blenders work best for speed
  • What areas should be your key focus areas
  • Tips on how to table train a young dog 
New Mini Lesson with Melissa Verplank

Creative Ideas for 4th of July Bow Making

There are thousands of ways to market yourself as a professional pet groomer, but they number one rule of any marketing campaign is to capture potential clients' attention in a fun and tasteful way. Choosing to accessorize a freshly groomed dog can be a highly successful marketing opportunity for you - and a perfect way to get owners talking about our styling services!

The full video bow lesson runs over an hour in length. It takes you step-by-step through the bow-making process, and shows you how to use bows to increase profit. The video covers each bow from start to finish, and will show you all the tricks to tying and attaching a decorative and profitable bow in as little as five minutes!

But in this quick L2GD Mini Lesson, Melissa shows you two fun bow ideas. They are perfect tot give you great sparkle for upcoming 4th of July Holiday.

Approximate running time: 5 minutes 

From the Archive with Linda Claflin
Dealing with Difficult Dogs
Linda uses her years of experience combined with the principles of massage and relaxation to win the trust of two pets she has never worked on before. Both of these pets have a history of nervousness and anxiety. Linda guides you through the steps she takes every day with a new client to win the trust and cooperation of a nervous dog. In this session, she works on a Border Collie and a Shih Tzu.

This is one of the more than 300 grooming lessons in the archive.
Melissa Verplank's Latest Blog:
What's the Hardest Part About
Running a Business

The hardest part about running a business...? Staff. Hands down the most challenging part of running a business is staffing it.

Managing staff. Keeping staff. Paying staff. Keeping them accountable. Keeping them productive. Keeping them happy. And the real biggie - training them.

So let's tackle the training challenge. It's far easier to hire basic labor than filling a position that requires skill.

At our kennel, Whiskers Resort, we have an endless supply of dog enthusiasts that want to work in the kennel. With multiple colleges within our community, the labor  force is easy to come by. After all, everybody wants to play with puppies!
But what about those jobs that require skilled labor?

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