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Dodge Grill

This Dodge Brothers grill was found a while back on a pick up north. As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I had to up my buddy David Phillips and have him transform it into our latest Rustorations piece. When illuminated, you gotta do the stop n' stare. This transformation from "car-carcass" to one-of-a-kind sculpture is truly a salvage masterpiece.

The Von Dutch XAVW 

I purchased the Von Dutch bike from its previous owner in Tennessee. Von Dutch was a famous pin striper/artist of the Kustom Kulture movement----he was truly the guy that started it all. What makes this motorcycle so incredibly rare is that it is the only one of its kind. Von Dutch built it with a Volkswagen motor and Harley Davidson XA Chassi, he also did all of the artwork and pin striping on the bike by hand. There is only one other known motorcycle that Von Dutch built. Due to its rarity and history, the motorcycle is priceless. 

The boot
The Boot

Frank and I picked this gem from Johnnie Walker in Kansas on season two's American Pickers Getting the Boot episode. The fiberglass cowboy boot stands about 10 feet high and weighs over 300 pounds. The 40's era boot was originally a merchandising piece for a western wear store.

We auctioned off the boot to raise money for St. Jude. 

Phillip Morris Man

The big ol' Phillip Morris has now become a permanent feature in our shop. He was also featured on the very 1st episode of American Pickers. This iconic guy is from the 1940s-50s and could be valued anywhere from $5000-$7500.

Coney Island Fire Truck

This late 40's - early 50's Fire Truck was part of a ride at the iconic American amusement park, Coney Island, in New York City. We picked it out of a storage unit in Staten Island. It's in excellent condition. The front grill is embossed with CONEY ISLAND. It would make a killer center piece for a retail store, bar or restaurant.

Radio Sign

Radio Sign

Picked in LA, this neon radio sign provides the perfect back drop for when the Antique Archaeology Nashville shop has live performances on the weekends.
Cheap Trick  Checkerboard Guitar

My friend and rock legend, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, let me pick this iconic guitar from him under one condition... that anytime he came to Nashville, he could come in the store and shred. I thought that was a killer deal! This guitar was featured in episode "Cheap Pick" on American Pickers on History.
Falkons Car Club Jacket

I purchased this jacket from the original owner.  He belonged to the Falkons Car Club out of Toledo, Ohio, in the 50's. The embroidery on the jacket is truly mind blowing--you just don't see it anymore! And what makes the jacket that much more amazing, is that he also had the photo of him wearing it in front of his car-----you could see the pride in his face. Whenever there is an opportunity to learn the history of an item, it changes how you see it---it makes it that much more valuable.
Landspeed Bike

This land speed bike was picked when my friend and I took a road trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama on one wild lead. This was a record winning bike that raced in the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1970s by Dick Strickland, a BSA factory sponsored racer. This bike looks like a spaceship to me, or better yet, a rocket! I'm honored to have this as part of my motorcycle collection.
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