More highlights from the recent Sarah Low acquisition   
This outstanding collection includes:
   album cover
  • A beautiful red leather carte de visite album presented to Sarah Low by the patients and staff of Amory Hospital on January 20, 1864. The album contains 78 original images, and is in its original 19th-century rosewood writing desk with a brass presentation label.
Gift note for Sarah Low

This note accompanied the album (above) given to

  Low as a gift by her Armory Hospital patients.

Sarah Low inside cover2
Inside cover of album, picturing Armory Hospital, where Sarah Low nursed Civil War soldiers.
Armory Hospital ward
An original framed watercolor painting of the ward, painted and presented by a patient.


Mary and Delia

Mary and Delia, in a rare photo of African

Americans during this time period.

Sarah Low
Sarah Low
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