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June 2015
Continued Growth of the Ductless Market

Thanks to your support and engagement with your local utility and the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project (the Project), ductless heating and cooling system installations and consumer awareness have dramatically increased in the region over the years. Here is where we stand now: 

We are forecasting continued growth of the ductless market in the next few years, and the success of the market would not be possible without you. 

Homeowner Maintenance

As the spring air settles and summer approaches, consider checking in with homeowners on regular system maintenance (e.g. cleaning indoor unit filters, clearing outdoor unit of debris). This is also a great opportunity to promote professional service packages you may offer. By promoting regular homeowner maintenance in addition to your services, you can help homeowners achieve more savings from their ductless systems. 

Right-Sizing Keeps Homeowners Happy

Studies conducted by Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) are showing that ductless systems oversized to a home's calculated load run inefficiently and decrease the system lifespan. Right-sizing saves homeowners more money, requires less maintenance and keeps your customers comfortable in all seasons.

New Messaging, Templates and Website

We are excited to announce that NEEA's research on consumer perceptions and motivations for the purchase of ductless heating and cooling systems has led to the development of updated marketing resources, and a new design and enhanced functionality for Stay tuned for an unveiling of these new materials in August. 

Promotions and Market Connections 

Promotions for ductless heating and cooling systems are a great way to attract new customers. This year, the Project is working to expand market-driven promotional offerings to boost ductless business opportunities. By providing useful resources and helping shape offers that resonate with the Northwest market, we hope to facilitate promotions that are easy for supply chain and utility partners to promote. Here are some ways to ensure success in the Northwest: 

Distributors and manufacturers - If you have upcoming ductless system product discount or special financing promotions, or ideas for new promotional offerings with local Northwest utilities, please contact us to discuss ways to maximize your offer's reach. 

Installers - Many manufacturer/distributor promotional offerings may be paired with local utility incentives and tax credits to maximize savings for customers. We encourage you to check with your local utility to verify incentive details and find out how you can include utility incentives with your promotional offers. Additionally, check with your manufacturer or local distributor to see if co-operative marketing funds are available.

Going Ductless Around the World

NEEA recently concluded a study of ductless system markets around the world, focusing primarily on Europe and Asia, where these systems have achieved significant market share. The study compared these markets to the market in the United States and identified similaritiies and differences in market structure.  The Project and NEEA will leverage the results to maximize the impact of ductless systems in the Northwest. Review the study here.

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