This Month in Human Rights
and Social Justice

From the restoration of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial to the presentation of the Salem Award, the SAF seeks to fulfill its its mission to make known and honor the heroic work of those who speak out and take action to alleviate discrimination, promote tolerance and achieve justice for contemporary victims of social injustice.


The upcoming events and dates below are opportunities for all of us to recognize and remember those who committed to this important work.

Carter G. Woodson


Feb 1-28   Black History Month 

What began in 1926 as a week organized by historian Carter G. Woodson to honor the birth
of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, has grown into a month-long international observance. Learn more.    



Feb 3 (1870)  Fifteenth Amendment Ratified --
Race No Bar to Vote

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution granted African American men the right to vote. Although ratified on February 3, 1870, the promise of this Amendment would not be fully realized for almost a century.
Learn more.   



Feb 9-10   2013 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference   

This year's conference includes a special panel on Human Rights and Corporations: Investigating Human Trafficking in the Global Labor Supply Chain. For more information and registration, visit the Harvard Kennedy School website.    


UN_flagFeb 20   The United Nations' (UN)
World Day of Social Justice

Established by the UN and first observed in 2009, this day aims to promote poverty eradication and social integration. It also focuses on the goal of achieving full employment. For more information visit the UN website. 



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