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The Houston Business Journal has ranked Cenergy International 24th on their Fast 100 Privately Held Companies list. The Houston Fast 100 ranks the fastest growing companies in Houston, based on the amount of growth they have seen over the past two years. All of the companies are headquartered within the Houston metropolitan area, have been doing business for a minimum of five
years and exceeded  

$1 million in revenue last year.

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Creativity at Work

Dayna Manning

Dayna Manning, a Cenegy team member in Fort St. John Canada, is not your typical Central Rig Administrator. When Dayna is not working her two week on, two week off job, she is building her career as a Singer Songwriter and captivating audiences with her soaring voice and unforgettable melodies. While performing at a training facility in Louisiana, Dayna's album was passed from her account manager to June Ressler. June was amazed with the album and wanted to share her story and music with the entire Cenergy family.


Dayna was born to musical parents in the artistic community of Stratford, Ontario. Stratford's economy is driven by arts and entertainment and is well known for fostering a culture where creativity thrives. As Manning says, growing up there, you cannot help but be "infused by it, and I certainly am." Her father was the local high school music teacher in a community connected with a long list of notable musicians, one of which is now
Dayna herself. She has played instruments her entire life and wrote her first song at 15.  


At age 18 she had a major label recording deal for her debut album of entirely original music. The album, called "Volume 1", was released in 1997 and predicted that audiences could expect to see more to come from
this talented young woman. She has since released two more solo
records, "Shades" in 2002 and "Folkyo" in 2006.  Her musical career has brought her many exciting experiences such as being nominated for a Juno award and touring across North America on her own and with the Lilith Fair. She has also had the thrill of opening for Radiohead and working with some of her heroes like Sean Ono Lennon and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith.


Dayna began working as a Central Rig Administrator one year ago when a friend, who works with Cenergy, thought her skills would be a perfect match for the position - and they were.  About her time with Cenergy, Dayna says "I have had a very happy year. We work two weeks on and two weeks off, so I have a lot of opportunity to continue working on my music as a bit more than a hobby." She has a strong belief in the power of creativity in everyday life. "Look around! EVERYTHING was created by someone. I think exercising your creativity daily - be it making a meal or how you're going to dress yourself is as essential as physical exercise. To me creativity is better than hope! It's an action that can improve so many things.


Dayna's ability to look at life through a creative lens supports her Cenergy teammates by helping her pay attention to daily processes and procedures and make recommendations for improvements where she can imagine them. Dayna's music is inspired by things she encounters both on and off the job, specifically "adaptation, creativity, people, positivity, love, life stories - all the good stuff".


Ask anyone who has seen Dayna perform- she is mesmerizing. Her guitar stylings are not easily matched and her enchanting voice is unmistakable. She has built a career writing unique and accessible takes on everyday life, and delivering them with the utmost sincerity. Dayna Manning's musical journey continues to evolve with her new band, Trent Severn (trentsevernband.ca). Trent Severn is made up of three seasoned female musicians/songwriters who write, sing and play original music. The focus of the group is Canadian people, places, and folklore and their songs pay tribute to the country's modern day legends. Trent Severn's debut album will be released November 2012, and Dayna and her band mates are "really excited to share our inside jokes, views and stories with an audience!"


To listen to Dayna Manning's music and learn more about her creative endeavors visit www.heartist.ca

Cenergy Receives ISO 9001 Certification


Cenergy has worked for several months to complete the ISO 9001 certification process and we are pleased to announce that we received our certification on September 14, 2012. Our long established policies and procedures for workforce solutions, inspection solutions, logistics optimization and vendor management has helped to facilitate this certification.   


The ISO 9001 is a family of standards for quality management systems which is maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, and is administered by independent accreditation and certification bodies. The specific requirements for a quality management system demonstrates the ability to consistently provide services that meet the needs of its customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Cenergy aims to enhance customer satisfaction through effectively monitoring and measuring our system, including continual improvement in all aspects of the system. Cenergy has been independently audited and certified to be in conformance with ISO 9001 standards and it certifies that consistent business processes are being applied.

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Cenergy strives for excellent customer service,
read what our consultants have to say:

Quiana Charles
Quiana Charles

"Often we take things for granted in life and I wanted to make sure that I was not one of those people doing that.  I deal with Quiana Charles 99.9% of the time working through Cenergy and I just want to let you both know that she does an exceptional job with all that she does for me.  My schedule and communications can be difficult at best and she works with me on all of that.  She has great communication skills and is always so very polite.  If something gets messed up with billing, I can tell you it's always on my end and never hers!  She is very good at letting me know if there is a problem and it is corrected immediately!  From my very first day with Cenergy I have felt welcomed and I have had one on one support since then.  I will continue to recommend Cenergy to everyone I know as the place to work with.  Cenergy seems to have a great business plan, outstanding support, and I'm sure Cenergy has more people just like Quiana that do a great job.  


Again I want to reiterate what a fantastic job Quiana Charles does for me week in and week out!" 

Always, Jeffrey S. Carr
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales

"I am up near the North Pole and sometimes we have no internet for days. We also have no usable printer or scanner!! Now you will appreciate just how much I am truly in debt to your "Super-lady" Mayra Morales. Thanks to her my invoice went through OK. You have no Idea how relieved that makes our family. You have a real jewel in your crown. Please pass on my thanks to Mayra, not many people go the extra mile these days."
-Best regards, Captain Peter Metcalfe
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Cenergy Events



Sporting Clay Tournament

October 5th

Westside Sporting Ground, Katy, TX

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16th Annual Golf Classic & Silent Auction

October 8th

Widcat Golf Club, Houston, TX




Golf Tournamnet

October 8th

Kingwood Country Club, Kingwood, TX



Oilfield Helping Hands

7th Annual Fall Sporting Clay Tournament 

October 12th

Rio Brazos, Simonton, Texas 




Pistol Shoot

October 12th

Anthony Arms & Accessories Shooting Center, West Mifflin, PA




Tennis Tournament 

October 15th

Houston Raquet Club, Houston, TX




Louisiana Energy Golf Classic 

October 15th

Le Triomphe Country Club, Lafayette, LA




Louisiana Oil & Gas Open Golf Tournament 

October 22nd

Oakbourne Country Club, Lafayette, LA




Drilling & Completing Trouble Zones

October 23rd-25th

Galveston Island Convention Center, Galveston, TX




Oilfield Service Auction

November 6th-8th




National Fin, Feather, Fur Food Festival

November 8th

Humble Civic Arena- Humble, TX


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June Ressler
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