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July 11-15 & July 18-22
For 1st- 8th graders for the 2016-2017 school year.  Click here for the Catalog and Sign Up Form.
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The Book Thieves and the Book Blasters competed at the regional Battle of the Books competition at St. Jude's against 30 other teams from 14 different schools.
The students in second grade interviewed each other for a special writing project. They will use the information they gathered to write compare/contrast paragraphs. They learned quite a bit about each other. They found ways they were similar and ways that they were different. It was exciting to learn new things about their second grade friends.
Mrs. Okruhlica's class and their eighth grade buddies prayed the Stations of the Cross. As they walked the church, they read a description, connection, and a prayer for each station.
In math class, the seventh graders manipulated spaghetti noodles to create conjectures regarding the relationship between the lengths of the sides of a triangle.  Through this discovery activity, they were able to explain and justify the triangle inequality theorem.
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March 22, 2016
One of the most important pieces of communication between the school and our families is our annual parent survey. This year's survey will be open on April 6th and will remain open for two weeks. We strongly encourage your participation, as we feel the survey is a crucial piece of feedback that helps the school decide initiatives and direction, and also affirms areas of consistent quality. Before the survey goes out, we thought it was important for all school families to see the takeaways from the 2014-2015 survey. Please see the following letter from our Long Range Planning Committee for more details.

Positively SJV,
Dan Demeter, Principal
Greetings from the Long Rang Range Planning Committee
We are writing to you today as members of the Long-Range Planning Committee of SJV's School Committee, to invite and encourage you to return the parent survey that will open on Wednesday, April 6th.

Over the last few months, the long-range planning committee has been working with President Pyzyk and Principal Demeter to prepare the survey for this year's implementation. Our primary goals are to solicit feedback on issues of greatest interest to parents and to provide school administration with data best suited to support their efforts at continual improvement of every facet of our school.

Of course, the greatest obstacle to generating good survey data is always participation. We are aware of the many demands on your time, and have worked hard to find a good balance between a helpful level of detail and a reasonable time commitment. We have revised the format for part one of the survey, which we hope will provide a quick and easy way to comment on a wide range of school elements.

We are also aware that often surveys are not returned because parents feel the opinions they share do not make a significant impact. In fact, not only do the SJV administrators appreciate the opinions, trends, issues, concerns, and accolades emerging from the survey, they depend on them in many ways.

The following were actionable items that were implemented after receiving feedback from last year's survey:
  • Technology- 
    Requests for the continuous enhancement of technology resulted in upgrading the wireless system throughout our school increasing our capability to utilize Google docs and apps for education, iPads, and Chromebooks in the classrooms.
  • Curriculum Improvements-        The middle school science program set a goal of increasing the emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiments.  In K5-8th grade the math program has been further enhanced with the development of a math learning support teacher.
  • Student Safety-
    Concerns regarding student safety in the parking lot resulted in a new drop-off and pick-up process.  The new route was designed through collaborative efforts between SJV administration, parents and Brookfield police, which resulted in city approval for new signage and a revised traffic pattern.
  • Literacy Hub-          We are continuing the transition of the library into a literacy hub, providing additional student access to the library resources through small group learning, individual research, and group projects.

Last year's survey indicated that parents strongly agreed that SJV provides consistent quality in Catholic Identity, instructional staff, and extra-curricular programs:

  • Catholic Identity-
    Catholic Identity including all-school Liturgy, religious instruction, and priests' presence in the classroom, were areas the parents identified as exceptional at SJV.
  • Staff-
    The parents responded clearly that our staff is faith-filled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and friendly.
  • Extra-Curricular-
    Parents consistently cited excellence in our extra-curricular programs including music, drama, forensics, academic enrichment, and athletics.
President Pyzyk, Principal Demeter, and all of us on the long-range planning committee look forward to hearing your thoughts this year, and incorporating them into our ongoing efforts to enhance the faith, excellence, and community of our school. Please take a few minutes over the next couple of weeks to complete the survey, to strengthen and enhance our communal commitment to Catholic Education.

Your Long Range Planning Committee,

Lynn Byrne, Chair
Nathan Eckley, Abraham Fisher, Elizabeth Lange, Jennie Minnesale

All School Liturgy
All-School Liturgy
All are welcome to join us for the Living Stations of the Cross on Wednesday,
March 23 at 8:05am. 
School News
Click here for Information, Permission Slip and Photo Release.
Fine Arts Night Auditions
It is time to sign up for Fine Arts Night auditions!  The sign up sheet for music auditions is posted on the music room door.  Students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible- auditions will be held Tuesday April 12th after school.  Please make special note that while audition groups are limited to grades 3-8 only, any students younger than 3rd grade who would like to join a group of older students are permitted to do so.  The flyer for Fine Arts Night has additional information- please contact Mrs. Revers or Ms. Bach with any questions!
Seminarian Connection-
Seminarian Patrick Magnor Visits First Grade
Seminarian Patrick Magnor visited the first grade classrooms and those students learned many facts about him. He will be ordained in 2020 and they figured out this will take place when our 1st graders are in the 5th grade. Mr. Magnor told us he is in 18th grade and is 24 years old. His favorite food is cheese pizza. The first graders also learned that Mr. Magnor has a dachshund who lives with his mom and dad.  Mr. Magnor loves to play the guitar and even though he is not very confident with his singing, he will have to sing in front of all the congregation once he becomes a priest.  Finally, Mr. Magnor is from Brookfield and his home parish is St. Mary's Elm Grove.
Reading for Peru
Thank you to everyone who picked up a good book to earn pledge money to benefit our sister school in Piura, Peru.  As a school, we read 30,909 minutes and collected $3500!
Rice Bowl Money Due
Before Easter break, please be sure to bring in your family's rice bowl.  Your donation will support the poor and vulnerable overseas, help improve farmers' harvests, provide clean drinking water and provide health exams and treatment for children. In addition, 25% of the money stays in our own diocese to support food pantries, soup kitchens and other programs that help our neighbors in need.
Make Your Pledge Now
If you haven't yet made your pledge to the Curé d' Ars Annual Fund, please make your pledge by March 18.  Donations must be received by June 30.  You should have received a letter and pledge card in your mailbox.  You can also make a gift online using Faith Direct. Gifts can be monetary or gifts of prayer. What matters most is the participation of all SJV school families.  To learn more about why the Annual Fund is crucial to the success of St. John Vianney school, click here.
Home & School News
Bids for Kids Auction (BIDs)- Informational Meeting
Please Join Us! Come find out more about BIDs 2017 when we meet on April 21 from 6:30-7:30pm in room P209. We are looking for chairs for several committees, so if you'd like to help, but aren't sure how, this is a great way to find out more information. We hope to see you there!
Spring Training with SCRIP
Spring sports are getting under way.  Let SCRIP help you purchase the equipment your athlete needs!  Check out the listing of gift cards such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, Dunhams, Nike and Under Armour.  Our next order will be placed on Monday April 4.  Please turn orders in by 8:30am.  Cards will be available the following Thursday.  If you have any questions, please call Martha Connelly, Amy Lodes or Janet Fisher.
Box Tops for Education
Keep clipping those Box Tops! There will be another school-wide collection in spring with a chance to earn a non-uniform day if we again reach our school-wide goal!
Parish News
Join us for The Sacred Paschal Triduum celebrations and Easter Sunday Mass.
The four parishes in the "Quad Parish" collaboration are pleased to be able to present our Triduum
and Easter schedules to our parish members. We offer them that you might plan your prayer during this
holy season in unity with your neighbors in the Faith. Please know that you are welcome to join us at any
one of our churches for prayer and worship.  Click here for the complete schedule.
You are invited to come hear Fr. Knippel's presentation on Wednesday, April 13 at 10:00am and 6:30pm. 
Holy Orders- What are the Holy Orders of the Church?  God shows His mercy through the men he chooses to serve and show mercy to His people.  What is the meaning of this Sacrament of Vocation?
Volunteer for the Festival
As School Family, we are pleased to offer you the first opportunity to sign up for shifts at this year's Parish Festival, June 10, 11 & 12.  The full parish will be invited to sign up in May, so hurry now and select the shifts you and your family would like to work.  Click Here to sign up for a volunteer shift.
Prince of Peace & SJV Food Drive
You are invited to donate food to the food drive that will benefit the Despensa De la Paz Food Pantry.  Donations can be made at the Pick N Save located at 2205 N. Calhoun Road.  Items in special need are canned goods, canned meats, canned fruit, cereal and dry goods.  See Friedens Community Ministries website and the Food Drive Flyer for further information.
Please click to read Archbishop Listecki's column, Love One Another.
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