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This week's blog gives a shout-out to our special K4 teacher, Mrs. Kathy Andreucci.  Click here to read the blog.
Weekly Highlights
Students in Ms. Novy's class made artwork reminding everyone of "the reason for the season".
The fifth grade classes went to Mass with the Prince of Peace students to celebrate  Our Lady of Guadalupe. They stayed to share breakfast and other getting-to-know-you activities.
The second grade Wolves met with Father Schumaker to complete their Light of Christ books. The boys will be awarded their Light of Christ pins during Scout Sunday Mass, which is scheduled for February 7.
Mrs. McRae's class had a party to thank Ms. Halsema for subbing in their room. 
Third grade students wrapped gifts to give to the family their class adopted for Christmas.
8th grade students experimented to determine which objects create the strongest electric charge.
7th grade students replicated a fish's body with a PVC pipe and a balloon to represent the swim bladder.  The bladder allows the fish to sink and rise in the water. They tried to determine how much air the swim bladder needs to float under the surface.
6th graders discovered how tectonic plates "float" on top of the asthenosphere, using different sized ice cubes in water.
The 7th grade girls green team won the Holy Apostles tournament this past weekend.
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December 15, 2015
The official start of winter this year is designated as December 21st. Frequently, the start of winter correlates with the beginning of the cold and flu season which results in increased student absences. That makes this an optimal time to revisit the policies and procedures for absences, tardies, and student attendance.

The school shares the responsibility with parents/guardians in teaching students responsible habits of dependability through regular and punctual attendance. Such habits have a pertinent carryover to daily life and adult employment. The process of education requires regular continuity of instruction, classroom participation, learning experiences and study benefits for individual students. Frequent absences from regular classroom learning experiences disrupt the continuity of the instructional process.

Per policy from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (5113(a)), and with compliance with Wisconsin State Statute 118.15:
"A child may not be excused from school by a parent for more than ten days in a school year. Absences are sometimes necessary due to illness, death in the family, a doctor or dental appointment, or whenever the principal considers that exemption from attendance is in the best interest of the pupil."

This means that state law allows a parent to excuse their child from school in writing prior to an absence for up to 10 days per school year. These 10 days can be a combination of absences and tardies, as a student must be present for the entire school day. All absences beyond 10 are deemed unexcused. That said, a written note from your doctor does not count towards those 10 absences. If you have a doctor's note from a previous appointment please feel free to send it in, and we can adjust your child's attendance record. Family vacations that are approved by the principal also do not count towards the 10 days, so I encourage you to please fill out an Absence Request Form in the office, even for short trips.

We will be adjusting things on Power School to ensure accurate attendance, so please bear with us if you notice any changes in your child's attendance record.

In accordance with the Wisconsin Compulsory Attendance Law, a parent must be sent a written notification when the child has been absent or tardy without an acceptable excuse for a total of five days in a semester. A second notice regarding habitual truancy shall be sent when a student has been absent 10 or more days in the school year. If your child is approaching or has exceeded ten excused absences, Saint John Vianney will be notifying you directly via a mailed letter to inform you of this and we ask that you take necessary actions to help correct this.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in the matter, as it is vital that our students are attending school as much as possible. As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

I also wanted to inform you that my wife and I are expecting our first child to be born in the very near future, as the due date is January 3rd. I plan to take two weeks off to be at home after the baby is born. It is difficult to say exactly, but there is a strong chance that my absence would occur the first two weeks in January. In my absence, our school president, Mrs. Pyzyk, will serve as school principal. She will be located in the principal's office and will be happy to address any concerns or questions you might have during that time. Thank you for understanding, and I'll be sure to pass along news of Baby D!

Positively SJV,
All School Liturgy
All-School Liturgy
All are welcome to pray with us at our next All-School Liturgy on Wednesday, January 6.  Mass will be prepared by the students in the 8-White class.
School News
Non-Uniform Day
The students reached our 3000 item goal for the food drive, so they earned a non-uniform day.  Students may dress down on Friday, December 18.  Please consult the parent handbook for non-uniform guidelines.
6th Grade DARE Graduation
The sixth graders will be graduating from the DARE program on Thursday, December 17 at 9:30am in the Presentation Hall (location change).  Parents are invited to attend this event in support of their children learning to make positive choices.
It's Not Just Joking Around-
A Free Seminar for Parents
Thursday, January 7 at 6:30pm

St. Dominic Parish Arts & Activities Center (PAAC)
You are invited to a free parent/family seminar on school bullying survival and prevention with New York Times bestselling author, survivor and celebrated anti-bullying activist, Jodee Blanco.
Ms. Blanco will share her personal story of her struggle with bullying and will offer practical advice for parents on how to intervene if your child is the victim, bully or bystander.

Click here for the Program Flyer and for Jodee Blanco's Biography.

Jodee Blanco will also meet with our students and teachers to share her message on Wednesday, January 6 
10:30-11:15am- K5-4th grade
1:00-2:30pm- SJV Middle School

"My primary message to students is three fold: bullying is not just joking around, it damages you for life; bullying just isn't the mean things you do, it's all the nice things you never do; and if you're being bullied or shunned, there's nothing wrong with you, it's everything that's right about you that makes you a target, and that you shouldn't change for anyone, it is those who put you down who need to change."

3:30-5:00pm- Faculty Training
"The parent/teacher workshop is a comprehensive, ninety-minute immersive experience during which I offer specific strategies and initiatives along with scripted verbiage adults can use with kids."
Thank you to our H&S for helping to sponsor this event.
Save the Date and Pass it On!
Can You Help Shelve Books?
We are excited to have have lots of new books for our students to read!  They have been catalogued and are ready to be shelved.  Whether you have have five minutes or an hour, please stop by!
Student Artwork on Display
Now on display in the children's department of the Brookfield Public Library- SJV Artwork! Drawings, paintings, sculptures, Ugly Dolls and mixed media pieces are all there for you to view. 
Home & School News
Merry Christmas from SCRIP!
Thank you to our families who supported SJV by ordering SCRIP cards!  We wish you a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year!   We encourage you to continue using SCRIP in 2016.  Over break, we will not order any physical cards, but if you use PrestoPay, you may continue to order online, print your cards at home and reload existing cards.  Our next order date for physical cards will be Monday, January 4.
Box Tops for Education
Are you clipping and saving your Box Tops?  Start clipping and help your child earn a non-uniform day.  There will be a school wide collection in January. If the students bring in enough box tops to reach our goal, they earn a non-uniform day and our school earns money to fund different activities and projects!   
Parish News
A Special Report from Fr. Ken Knippel
This morning the Advent wreath in our church caught fire. Only the wreath was damaged and no one was hurt. However, we have had to hire a professional cleaning service to clean up the residue of three fire extinguishers. It is quite extensive and will take several days. Everything is covered with white dust and soot and there is a smell of smoke throughout the building both in church and in the church hall.

Consequently, we are forced to close the church until Mass at 4:30pm on Saturday. The cleaning will be far enough along by then to allow us to pray in there at that time - at least we hope so. A funeral for Dr. Ronald Horkheimer at 10:30am on Saturday will now be celebrated at St. Dominic Parish. There will be no adoration on Friday and no Masses on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday morning.

I feel blessed that no one was hurt and that no serious damage was done to the building itself. We're hoping the organ, piano, bells, sound system, and video system will also be cleaned and operative by the weekend.
And finally, I remind you that this is Commitment Weekend for three different appeals: your Stewardship offering for 2016, your pledge to the Door to Our Faith Capital Appeal, and your gift to the Cure D'Ars Annual Fund. Please continue to pray and discern what you are planning to give. You will be invited to process to the altar with your gift.
Christmas needs 8th Grade Volunteers
Liturgy needs 8th grade volunteers (and older) at all the Christmas Masses to help hand out free books to parish members at the end of Mass. Can you help out? Please contact the Liturgy Office to let us know if we can count on you-262-796-3947 or email Angela Bravata.
Help Decorate for Christmas
There are many ways to help decorate the church for Christmas and we need many volunteers. You can help the Liturgical Environment Committee on Wednesday morning  December 23 at 10:00am with the installation of the live trees in the church and the assembly of artificial trees in the narthex.  That afternoon at 1:00pm, help will be needed with decorating narthex trees with student and parish family ornaments.  Work will continue in the church and outside the chapel until it is finished.  Wreaths will be hung, pine garland strung and we will be setting up the nativity. Email Angela Bravata for more details or call 262-796-3947. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!
Please click to read Archbishop Listecki's column, Love One Another .
Child Ministry
Christmas Blessings
Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and talents to make our Christian Formation programs possible and to those of you who participate in these events and help to make them successful.  Blessings to you at Christmas and happiness in 2016 from the joyful Christian Formation office of Martha Malloy, Claire Hoffmeyer, Dawn Van Dorf, Janlyn Carvalho, and Suzette Hildebrand. 
First Reconciliation
The Sacrament of Reconciliation for second grade children is Monday evening, January 4th at 6:30pm or Saturday morning, January 9th at 9:30am in the Church.  Please turn in all your family sharing experiences and make sure your sacramental fee has been paid.  Please call Dawn Van Dorf at 796-3944 x1117 with any questions or concerns.  Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season and many blessings in the New Year!
SJV Alumni Spotlight
SJV Alumni- Michael Dobrzynski
After his time at Saint John Vianney, Michael attended Brookfield Central High School, graduating in 2015.  While at BC, Michael was a four-year member of the volleyball team and two years on the baseball team.  He served on the Student Council Executive Board chairing the annual Spring Fling and spearheaded the End of the Year School Carnival.   Michael also served as the Student Council liaison to the Elmbrook School Board.  A great opportunity to reconnect with his SJV classmates came with his CYM volleyball and basketball teams.  

True to his commitment to St. John Vianney and his Catholic faith, Michael was a coach for Faith-a-Thon and a facilitator at the annual Faith-a-thon competition at the Tyme Out Center for all four years.  After his confirmation, he joined the God Squad for his senior year. During that time, he was a retreat leader for the spring and fall Confirmation retreats. His time on the God Squad reaffirmed his faith and prepared him to take the next step in his life journey. 

Michael is currently attending the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, where he is pursuing a major in Biology.
7th Grade Visit Days to Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
Current 7th grade students may shadow with a current freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in the spring for a whole or half day. Check-in time is 7:30am and pick-up is at 3pm.  Lunch is provided.  Interested families should call 414-466-3707 to reserve a spot on Monday, March 21,  Tuesday, April 12, or Tuesday, April 26.
Hilltopper Wrestling
Join us for Jr. Hilltopper Wrestling at Marquette University High School. Intended for youth wrestlers interested in learning the sport and developing their skills. Wrestling will be held in the wrestling room at Marquette University High School. Sessions will start at 6:00pm and conclude at 7:30pm on Mondays and Thursday evenings. Instruction will include all positions as well as some conditioning.  See Wrestling Flyer for all information.
Synchronized Swimming
Parents are invited to sign their swimmers up for synchronized swimming classes sponsored by the Menomonee Falls Dolphinettes.  See the Synchro Flyer for further details.
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