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Trees for the Trail

Our park wouldn't be what it is without volunteers getting down and dirty! Recently, nine of them (Donne Eubanis, Rick & Amy Forrester, Sylvia Hadley & Larry Lankford, Cindy Kessler, Nick Montjoy, Bill Smith, and Tracy Smith) descended on 200 empty plastic containers and 200 baby trees & shrubs in Rick's backyard to pot them up until they can be planted along the trail later in the fall. Three and a half hours, a cubic yard of mulch, a cubic yard of dirt, 100 yards of orange flagging, several shovels, watering hoses and wheelbarrows later, the job was done! 
Once the trees are planted, they will be registered with the Taking Root initiative, whose goal is to plant 2 million trees in the tri-state area by 2020.

Cycling for Trees
Rick Forrester, Brent Devitt and his TRECYCLE trike
Brent Devitt's second annual TRECYCLE journey on southwest Ohio trails was tree-mendous! (Pardon the pun.) A total of 256 trees and shrubs were purchased for planting with the $1,166 raised. Brent reports that he cycled 268 miles on the complete journey at an average of 9 mph. That was approximately 99,000 pedal revolutions and the equivalent of 12 gallons of gas saved and 250 pounds of CO2 emissions avoided if the same distance had been covered by car.

"I enjoyed meeting and working with the volunteers at the planting locations," said Brent. "Seeing many of the 160 trees planted last year by Rick Forrester and the volunteer team of Friends of the Little Miami State Park was impressive. And to know that another 195 will be planted by next fall is great. I had a chance to share the story of TRECYCLE at the Earth Day celebration in Cincinnati. And the overnight hosts and campgrounds were fantastic."

Brent and TRECYCLE contributed $200 to FLMSP for the purchase of trees planted by Rick Forrester's team (see article above).

Root Cutting Complete!

In what will probably be the biggest volunteer effort of 2016, volunteers logged 250 hours of work April 18-20 cutting tree roots along the trail berms from Grandin Rd. to the northern park boundary at Hedges Rd. This massive project aimed at reducing bumps and cracks on the trail surface completes the entire 50 miles of trail begun last fall.

Two 4-person teams worked 10 hours a day for 3 days pulling a hooked blade behind a rented tractor to cut through encroaching roots adjacent to the trail. The teams also recut portions of the trail between Loveland and Grandin Rd. to correct for a shallow cut due a broken blade in last fall's effort.   Read More

With a Little Elbow Grease . . .
by Rick Forrester
A volunteer trail crew found two bent and rusted railroad spikes while digging out a culvert a few months ago.  Not content to just leave them in that degraded state, we tried our hand at restoring them to to their original condition--take a look at our results!

Now, with a little elbow grease, YOU can help maintain the once discarded railroad bed which is the Little Miami State Park and keep it as the shiny new 52-mile trail we all enjoy now!  Please consider donating a few hours of your time to help rebuild and maintain our great Ohio trail used by you and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.   
There are lots of volunteer opportunities, ranging from simple trash pick-up to kiosk building, from tree planting to emergency tree removal, from mailings to meeting planning, and many others. Any level of involvement is welcome. 

Learn more about volunteer opportunities on our website!

Immediate Opportunity: Place FLMSP milkweed seed packets (provided) at local businesses for free distribution. Respond to

New Informational Kiosks
Jeanne Corgiat stocks the new Loveland kiosk in Nisbet Park
If you've been enjoying the photos, maps, and information so beautifully displayed at our Friends' informational kiosks, you can thank a few industrious women: Jeanne Corgiat, Judy Mills, Becky Retzer, and Maxine Fischer. 

You also can look for our two newest kiosks at Nisbet Park in Loveland and at Rte. 126 in Milford. These new kiosks were paid for with designated memorial donations. Watch for new postings about nature on the trail and nearby local eateries and bike shops in days to come.

Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, capital improvements, and safety concerns, as well as providing most of the maintenance of the park. 
Trail Hotline

Call or text to report trees or large limbs down on the trail, or other non-emergency safety issues. A photo with location is most helpful.

Sunrise Bike Ride

Cycling Backroads is hosting a Sunrise Bicycle Ride and breakfast on the Little Miami Trail on Sunday, May 15th from Miami Township's Riverview Park. For more information and registration click here.

Quick Links
What's the Buzz on the Trail?
Perhaps you have noticed a white box attached to a tree at the Strout Rd. rest area. This is a bee swarm trap placed by trail volunteer and avid beekeeper Dirk Morgan.

On May 1st a swarm took up residence in the box and as you sit at the benches you can see the busy bees hurriedly bringing in nectar and pollen to the hive.

Morgans Riverside Campground has an apiary with over 10 hives. The bees thrive in the river valley due to the wide variety of wildflowers! Stop by the campground office and receive a free packet of pollinator wildflower seeds to plant.

As we all know, the bees and monarch butterflies need our help. Morgan offers educational talks on bees and beekeeping, as well as fresh organic honey. For more information on bees and monarchs visit Morgans Natural Buzz Honey on Facebook. And remember to stop and smell the flowers as you "buzz" down the Little Miami Trail!

Trail Opening Celebration

Be one of the first to officially ride, walk or run on the new 3.15-mile extension of the Little Miami Scenic Trail! Join Great Parks of Hamilton County to celebrate on Saturday, May 21 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Little Miami Golf Center and after-party at Fifty West. More Information

New FLMSP Board
Outgoing president Steve Murphy accepts plaque from Aaron Rourke
The Friends' Annual Meeting on April 17 celebrated past accomplishments and looked forward to those ahead. Following a delicious picnic dinner prepared by Maxine Fischer, FLMSP members elected or re-elected several Board members and approved a new slate of officers. Here is the 2016-2017 Board of Directors:

Ron Gorley, President
Paul Morgan, Vice President
John Theuring, Secretary
Mike Dresch, Treasurer
Bruce Cortright
Rich Easterly
Don Hahn
Steve Murphy
Aaron Rourke
Janet Slater
George Stockham

Steve Murphy, a founding Board member and FLMSP President from 2010 to 2016, received a plaque recognizing his dedication to the Friends (photo above).

Trail Closings & Alerts

Peters Cartridge Factory
Currently open at milemarker 35-35.5, but intermittent short-term closures may be necessary through June. Check the FLMSP website or call for updates:

Fort Ancient
Repair of stream bank erosion near SR 350 begins Sept. 12. The contractor may begin preparations September 6-9, at which time the trail may be closed, but the trail shall be open for the Sept. 10-11 weekend. The construction is expected to continue through Nov. 23, and during this period trail closures may be necessary from SR 350 to Strout Rd. No detour is available.

I-71 Bridge 
no closures planned until fall 

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Fence Crew Project
 Our Fence Crew is busy building this retaining wall at mile marker 33.8 (near South Lebanon) to protect the trail and trail users from a dangerous dropoff caused by erosion.