November/December 2015 
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Trees for the Trail: Reforestation  

"The best time to plant trees is 25 years ago," one of our reforestation volunteers reminded us. "The second best time is today!" Their recent efforts, however, were not second-best, but whole-hearted and productive.
Having started at 1:00 p.m. Sunday Nov. 1st, the digging teams, water teams, mulch teams, species coordination, and planting teams were all humming along like clockwork as dusk set in. By the end of the day, the Friends volunteers had planted 60 trees along the trail between Fosters and Loveland.
Rick Forrester nurtured the almost 200 seedlings purchased by the Friends in his backyard garden all last spring and summer. When dormancy set in this fall, the potted trees were ready to be moved to their new homes, replacing invasive honeysuckle and ash trees fallen to the Emerald Ash Borer . . .  Read More

Mel Hensey Culvert Flows Again
by Paul Morgan & Janet Slater
When FLMSP volunteers Bruce Cortright, Paul Morgan, and Don Hahn came upon fellow volunteer Mel Hensey near Fosters that day in 2012, he had dried blood on his forehead from an accident earlier in his work session. His wavy white hair made him look like Samuel Clemens, and the blood contrasted starkly against his face and hair. He was working by himself, shoring up some horizontal posts above a rock wall to prevent further erosion into a distinct V-shaped gulley on the river side of the trail.

The men asked him if the rock-and-cement wall he was working on had been built as a culvert outlet for drainage under the original railroad tracks. "There's no culvert in this spot," Mel said. "No way."

Wooden You Like a Smooth Table?

Wood bees who drilled holes in the picnic table near the Butterworth historical marker north of Loveland will now have to dine elsewhere. The table's original untreated wood (shown below) has been replaced with treated lumber and sealed by FLMSP volunteers Dave Diersing (pictured above) and Mike Egan. Thanks, guys, for the now-smooth table!

What Can YOU Do in an Hour?

  • Plant 5 trees
  • Refinish a table with a friend
  • Pick up litter
  • Write an article
  • Stain a kiosk
  • Clean brush from a bridge
  • Take a dozen photos
  • Clean 5 signs
  • Clear a culvert pipe

If even a quarter of the thousands who enjoy our trail would give back just one hour to help maintain it, that would be enough. As FLMSP board member Paul always says,

"ANY help is GOOD help."
Please send an email with your contact information and how you would like to give your ONE HOUR to

Ongoing Volunteer Needs
        • Help with regular maintenance on a trail section near you
        • Tow the FLMSP blower to clear the trail of leaves and debris  
        • Publicize FLMSP at community events; we'll provide materials
        • Help manage trail counters and their data files
        • Write for our newsletter
        • Provide photos of trail users (especially families) for our website
To respond to these needs or learn about other needs, please visit our Volunteer webpage.

What's This?

Can you identify this relic of our trail's past, found by Linda Combs and Bridget Hoffer? Have you found an old bottle, a railroad spike, or some other interesting artifact near the trail? Let us know by sending an email to We'll share your answers and discoveries in a future issue. 

Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, capital improvements, and safety concerns, as well as providing most of the maintenance of the park. 
Trail Hotline



Report downed trees or other non-emergency safety issues. A text message or email with photos is most helpful!



Trail Closings & Alerts
 Peters Cartridge Factory
Soil Remediation
The Little Miami Trail remains closed intermittently on weekdays near Grandin Road (mile marker 35.0 - 35.5) through November 20. Work activities related to the Peters Cartridge Factory site soil remediation project necessitate closures on certain days, depending on weather, between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The trail will be open on weekends. Do not attempt to enter the area when the gates are closed. The trail parking lot at Grandin Rd. is also currently closed, but may reopen soon. Please call the 24/7 hotline for Peters trail closures for ongoing daily updated information: 

Williamsburg-Batavia Hike Bike Trail Expands
On October 15, a new segment of the Williamsburg-Batavia Hike Bike Trail opened in East Fork State Park Campground, funded by Interact for Health. The trail is now 6 miles long and offers a hilly terrain with scenic views of the East Fork River Valley and Harsha Lake. When complete, the trail will extend 15 miles to connect Williamsburg and Batavia.

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Working Together: ODNR,FLMSP
Joint workdays with Friends volunteers and state park employees not only make important trail improvements, but also symbolize a cooperative spirit that benefits all trail users.
Last March, an erosion ditch at mile marker 5.5 near Spring Valley had widened right up to the edge of the trail, presenting a hazard for trail users. It also presented an opportunity for the first Joint Workday for representatives from Friends of the Little Miami State Park and Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources park staff. On October 14, the blended team cut leaning trees, ran the ODNR backhoe, and dumped a load of stone and three loads of topsoil to correct the erosion.
The November Joint Workday corrected trail erosion and improved sight-lines at Wilmington Rd. and Oregonia Rd. intersections. The Friends and ODNR staff plan to choose a project each month for joint workdays. These projects improve communication and working relationships between the groups, as well as efficiently using resources to benefit the trail.

Battling the Bumps

This month marks the start of an all-out assault on the root bumps that jolt our ride on cycles and skates. They are caused by trees near the trail sending out roots beneath the asphalt that push up on the trail surface as they grow.
The battle will be on two fronts: grinding down existing bumps (you've seen them marked in yellow over the last several weeks), and cutting the roots beside the trail to prevent further incursion.
Don Hahn is leading the team that scarifies the bumps on the trail surface and fills cracks where necessary. To learn more, contact Don by email.
A team of four FLMSP volunteers has researched and organized our first-ever use of a root cutter (pictured above) borrowed from another trail friends group and to be pulled with a rented tractor. The modified plow hardware will cut through the roots near the edge of the trail. Read more about the plan here. For more information, you may contact Ron Gorley.


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