May 2015 
Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and maintaining safety on the park's scenic trail. Working under the sanction of the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, the Friends provide almost all maintenance on the trail. We depend on your support and invite you to join us in serving our community.
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Verity Corporation Lends Some Hands       


Verity Corporation provided 45 volunteer hours to clear the fence lines between Galbraith Road and Milford - about 1/4 mile. They worked diligently for 2 hours and left the fences completely clear of any overgrowth. Thank you, Verity!


A Favor Returned

A large tree fallen across the Warren County wellfield access road with branches across our trail served to illustrate the spirit of cooperation between the Friends and the Warren County Water & Sewer District (WCW&SD).  After a call from the Friends on April 10, the director of WCW&SD sent an employee to clear the branches off our trail, and this was accomplished by noon that day. The county planned to hire a tree service to remove the large tree from their own property.


Paul Morgan and Don Hahn, trail adopters for the section, had earlier enlisted the help of WCW&SD to waterjet-blast a blocked culvert on the trail (covered in January's TrailMail). Paul suggested the Friends could remove the tree from the water district's road to return the favor.


After government officials gave permission, chainsaw crew members Paul, Rich Easterly, and Rick Forrester put in 10.5 effort hours on April 12 to cut up the tree and clear the debris. The photo below shows Rick (left) and Rich (right) with the cleared road behind them. Notice the size of the tree and the size of the saw. Just this week the Friends purchased a larger chainsaw.



Shelter Shines near Butterworth Station


The shelter between Fosters and Loveland is ready for prime time! On June 6, a new historical marker will be dedicated along the trail at Butterworth Station, honoring the family that aided fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad and contributed in big ways to their 1800s community. 

As family members and the public gather for the dedication, many will pass by the shelter newly rehabbed by Friends Don Hahn, Dave Diersing, and Mike Egan. Their work included painting the steel frame, refinishing the wood table and seats, and clearing the gravel area of weeds. Thank you, team, for making us all look good!

Dedication of Butterworth Historical Marker

June 6th at 2:00 p.m.

Butterworth house, 9299 Sibcy Road, Maineville 

Following the dedication, walk down to the trail for the unveiling of the marker.  


New Team in Special Ops

A new FLMSP Special Ops team will keep the rainwater flowing--away from the trail. Our trail has dozens of culverts that guide water under the trail toward the river. Over the years these become clogged with soil and debris, sometimes becoming entirely blocked. The result is mud and debris on the trail after a heavy rain, or pools of standing water along the berm. Over the past year the Fosters trail adopter team has cleared almost all culverts between milemarkers 35 and 41 using hand tools and backhoes; other adopters have been hard at work as well.


The new team is documenting every culvert along the trail so they can be efficiently cleaned and monitored. Some culverts can be cleaned by hand; trail adopters Bill and Debra Ash report they worked 6 man-hours last week cleaning culverts, two of which were almost completely blocked, near Oregonia. See their before and after photos below. Other culverts require a rented backhoe. A few need professional intervention due to their size or location. In Warren County, where the largest section of our trail is located, the team will continue to work cooperatively with the Water and Sewer District.


The Friends is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and safety concerns.   
Trail Hotline



Call or email to report downed trees or other non-emergency safety issues. Photos helpful!



Countless Hours on the Trail? 

Recording ALL your volunteer hours on the trail is important! The benefit to both the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Friends is measured in dollars. Funding of all sorts is dependent on our registered commitment to the mission of maintaining a safe and user friendly trail. Recording hours is easy on our website--just sign in under "Adopt-a-Trail>Downloads." If you are unable to do this, call Don Mills at 513-477-5851.


Trail Closure Update


 Peters Cartridge Factory Cleanup Continues

The Little Miami Scenic Trail continues to be closed on weekdays in the vicinity of Grandin Rd. (mile marker 35.0 - 35.5) until May 22. Heavy April rains and high river levels caused delays in the soil removal work. Whenever the work schedule allows, the trail will be open on occasional weekdays.

When closed, no detour is available around the worksite. Please do not attempt to cross the fences and enter the work area, as this is dangerous and further delays the work. Police are patrolling the site and will issue tickets for trespassing with fines up to $400.

Closures occur weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.; the trail will be open evenings and weekends.

Call 513-552-7030 for recorded updates on Trail closures. 


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Beware of Lyme Disease!

Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks, which live in environments like those along our trail. Avoid tick bites by staying on the trail and wearing repellent and protective clothing. If you have been in the woods or in brush and experience fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle or joint aches,or a rash, see a doctor promptly. Lyme disease is curable if caught early. 

Our trail will be the setting for the Little Miami Half Marathon and 10K race on August 16. 

The race starts and finishes at Phegley Park in Morrow and travels through South Lebanon and Kings Mills. A technical running shirt, finishers' medals, chip timing and great post-race food at the finish are guaranteed to make this race a kickin' good time!


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Blooming Now

Bend closely over these little stars sprinkled in the woods near the trail, and you'll find they are lined with fine pink or purple stripes and have a pleasant fragrance. The Spring Beauty 
(Claytonia virginica) is a small, low-growing wildflower with grass-like leaves. It's a common plant native here in Ohio and throughout eastern North America.

This delicate beauty is more than just a pretty face. Its tuber, a fleshy root that provides food to the plant, is edible and rich in nutrients. Its flavor is often compared to a chestnut or to a small potato, but sweeter, earning it the nickname "fairy spud." Although you shouldn't be pulling up Spring Beauties in our state park, you can grow these easily in your own backyard. The tubers are best when the plants are in full bloom, and can be baked or eaten raw.