September 2014 
Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and maintaining safety on the park's scenic trail. Working under the sanction of the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, the Friends provide almost all maintenance on the trail. We depend on your support and invite you to join us in serving our community.
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Labor Day's Labors

by Janet Slater  


Labor Day, 7:30 a.m.: The first of three calls rings on the FLMSP hotline, reporting a tree down and blocking the trail just north of downtown Loveland. Aaron Rourke, Adopt-a-Trail coordinator, listens to the messages and calls to inform the adopter for that segment, who is not home.

Aaron then turns to the chainsaw crew, and finds Bill Taphorn, assistant chainsaw team leader for that section, available. Bill and his wife soon reach the problem area and place orange cones to warn trail users of the hazard.

It appears three intertwined trees have come down together. Bill cuts a passage through the limbs, but there's a branch hanging 12 to 15 feet above the trail-too much for Bill and his wife to handle. Fearing the limb poses a safety threat to the many holiday trail users, they recommend contacting a professional tree service.

Aaron calls Rainey Tree Service, which sends a worker to the site to meet the Taphorns. He trims up the passageway made by Bill, and then tests the hanging limb by pulling and hanging on it. He determines it is not an imminent threat.

Meanwhile, Aaron responds to another problem... More


Return of the Natives

by Janet Slater

This bank of plants along the trail is not only pretty, it also signals a victory in the ongoing battle against invasive species...

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Meet Some "Relatives"                    

by Tom Wallace

Mandy Wolski, LMC

Some of you might not be aware of the Little Miami Conservancy, and you may benefit from getting to know them.

The Conservancy can be considered a "relative" of the Friends of the Little Miami State Park, since both groups are allied with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and serve some of the same geographical areas.

The Conservancy is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Little Miami Wild & Scenic River. Historically LMC has successfully used a "win-win" approach to finding the balance between economic development and environmental protection.  One example: over 95% of the residential development that has come into the Little Miami corridor has adopted conservation plans which include the donation of land and conservation easements along riverfront areas...
Meet Mandy Wolski and Erin Shaw; see planned activities & events

Kings High School Service Day          

For their annual Senior Service Day on Sept. 11, twenty Kings High School students, two teachers and four FLMSP volunteers cleared the east side of the trail south of Stubbs Mill Rd. for a half mile, picked up trash and removed debris. Thank you!

Prince of Peace Church Volunteers
For their "God's Work, Our Hands Day," 15 volunteers from Prince of Peace Church volunteered on the trail September 7. Led by Don and Judy Mills of FLMSP, the group cleared debris and undergrowth from both sides of fences south of Branch Hill Road near Loveland. The result is pictured at left.
Thank you, Prince of Peace Church! 
Help Wanted

Debris Blower Operators: Leaves are already starting to fall, and the blowing crew will begin the task of attempting to keep the trail as clean as possible. We need volunteers to assist with this year's project. Here's what you'll need to help:

  • Vehicle type: Pickup or SUV with a two-inch ball or a receiver hitch that can accept a two-inch-square class 3 draw bar (ball already attached).
  • Driver availability to operate blower during an early morning or late afternoon shift for approximately 2 to 4 hours.
  • Prefer prior towing experience.

To volunteer or find out more, send your name and phone number to:


Fence Crew Workers: Our three-member fence repair crew will soon be reduced to one as Ray and Tom leave for warmer weather. Rich Easterly (left) can't handle it alone, so volunteers are needed. If you have some upper body strength, are good at problem solving, can work with power tools, and can help this winter when weather permits, please send your name and phone number to, or reply to this newsletter.


The Friends is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and safety concerns.   
Monthly Meeting

 Please join us for our open meeting!

Sunday, September 28

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.


 745 Center St, Milford

 Come to discuss: 

  • Loveland rest & information center
  • Trail entrances: should housing developers pay and meet standards for access?
  • Invasive vegetation control
  • signs at road intersections
Trail Hotline



Call or email to report downed trees or other non-emergency safety issues. Photos helpful!


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September 27 - 28

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M2M Relay a Success


The inaugural Market to Market Ohio relay race held September 6 was a huge success! Starting in Milford, runners representing over 200 teams ran segments of the course that included much of our trail. The photo shows participants crossing the trail bridge at Morrow.

"Such a great relay through areas of Southern Ohio that one may not normally go through," reported participant Jason Kinder. "The bike trails were great, the volunteers were excellent and this was one of the most well organized races I have ever run, even for its first year. The volunteers were extremely friendly. We are looking forward to this next year already!"

Ben Cohoon, the event organizer, says, ""We are happy to report that the race was awesome and we can't wait for 2015. It looks to be on pace to be a big signature event in the Cincinnati/Dayton Area." 

Blooming Now

by Kathy Maurer

One harbinger of fall is bright yellow goldenrod.  There are many varieties blooming now along the trail. People used to believe goldenrod was the cause of fall allergies, and many a plant was dug up and killed for this reason.  But we now know that goldenrod pollen is designed to stick to the legs of pollinator insects, such as bees, and it does not blow in the wind.  The real culprit for allergies is ragweed which does not have colored flowers so is much less obvious than goldenrod.  So enjoy the bright goldenrod while it is blooming, but take note - the old wives' tale is that the first frost may come any time after the goldenrod starts blooming. 


Improving Drainage


Bruce Cortright (above) and Mike Dresch opened drainage ditches with a rented backhoe on Sept. 10 along the trail in Loveland. Their work to move water away from the trail will improve trail conditions after rain and help protect the trail surface.


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Volunteer Agreement Forms Needed
Trail Workers: Have you signed a Volunteer Agreement Form this calendar year? We must have your form on file for you to be covered under the state's insurance when you are working on the trail.
Access the form here, print it out, and send to the address on form.