August 2014 
Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and maintaining safety on the park's scenic trail. Working under the sanction of the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, the Friends provide almost all maintenance on the trail. We depend on your support and invite you to join us in serving our community.
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From Then to Now: 35 Years on the Trail

by Tom Wallace  

Bill Taphorn is not only one of the most articulate supporters of our Trail, he's also been present for all of its history. Bill served as Director of Finance for the City of Loveland for 32 years, longer than the Trail's entire history. Thus he has an insider's perspective on how the Trail came to be.


The photo is Bill on a different type of bike and on a very different "trail."


TRAIL MAIL: Bill, what was your first exposure to the Trail?


BILL: Years ago I would occasionally take my bike down to the trail (we live a few doors from Beech), after they removed the train rails but prior to paving, and ride the bumpy track bed.


TM: I won't ask what your speed was. Have you continued to use the Trail after it was finished?


BILL: Not just me, but our entire family (4 children) have jogged, dog-walked, bike-ridden and just strolled the Trail along the river for many years. When my son Daniel was attending Wright State he rode a bike from Yellow Springs down to our house in Loveland. During my years with Loveland I watched the Trail come to life, extend, widen and evolve into a destination point for many communities along its path.

TM: In your mind, what's the best thing about the Trail?

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Setback for Fence Crew

The Friends are proud of their efforts to make the most of limited funds and resources, and the fence repair crew is no exception. Rich Easterly, Tom Creasman, and Ray Jacobson have spent many hours removing and disassembling unneeded fences along the trail, reserving materials still in good shape to use for repairs and additional fences in other trail locations. So it was a sad day when they discovered their carefully stacked posts and fence boards had disappeared--apparently stolen.

But this setback has not stopped them. "Right now we are still able to reclaim un-needed fence material from sections of the trail," says Rich Easterly. "Mile Marker 25, for example: this is a flat section of the trail with no need for culverts or fence.   So, we disassemble the fence and use the boards and posts where needed. This takes about three hours to reclaim enough fence material to use at another location along the trail. When we exhaust this process, we will be forced to purchase new fence material."

In the above photo, Ray Jacobson disassembles a fence that was removed to allow a state ODNR backhoe to clean a culvert near Morrow. Photos below show the crew's work on a major repair at a culvert just north of Grandin Rd. (mm 35), before and after.



The Friends is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and safety concerns.   
Monthly Meeting

 Please join us for our open meeting!

Sunday, September 28

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.


 745 Center St, Milford



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But it can't fly:

by Kathy Maurer

This time of the year, there are many tall daisy-like plants blooming along the trail. One of the more common is called Wingstem. This plant has yellow petals that droop around a prickly-looking center. It likes moist woodland areas, so it grows along much of the trail. Wingstem is easy to identify because the central stalk has 'wings' that project from the stalk. Wingstem is a native in Ohio and is actually a member of the Aster family.


Trail Hotline


Call to report downed trees or other non-emergency safety issues, or 

Email to





Trail Rerouted

Rivers naturally change over time, laying down deposits in some places and cutting them away in others. The Little Miami Scenic Trail was recently rerouted away from an eroding bank near Yellow Springs. Above, approaching from north; below, approaching from south. 







Fall is the perfect time of year for a multi-day bike trip. Why not explore the beauty of Ohio away from traffic on the new Ohio-to-Erie Trail? You'll find maps, guides, and photos on these websites:              








Volunteers needed for our trail work crews! Please send an email to telling us where you access the trail, and we'll hook you up with a crew! We'll provide the tools and gloves, and you decide when and how often you'd like to help out.