f the Little Miami Sk
June 2014 
Friends of the Little Miami State Park is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and maintaining safety on the park's scenic trail. Working under the sanction of the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, the Friends provide almost all maintenance on the trail. We depend on your support and invite you to join us in serving our community.
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Share of $88.5 million to benefit trail
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director James Zehringer announced on June 11 that Little Miami State Park will share in the $88.5 million that Ohio has recently allocated for State Parks, saying funds will go toward new culverts, shoring up slippage areas, repaving some sections, and other needed improvements to the trail. More
Repaving Completed


Thanks to our recent federal grant award, sections of trail in the poorest condition have now been repaved. Work was completed on schedule by McDaniel's Construction and Sheedy Paving. Enjoy the smooth ride!


Volunteer Spotlight: Roger Macke

by Paul Morgan

Roger Macke joined the Fosters Adopt-a-Trail group in July 2013, and since then has contributed almost 100 hours performing all kinds of trail work. He's one of the hardest-working and reliable volunteers we've had.

In addition to trail maintenance work, Roger bikes to our counter locations spread over the 50 miles of park to download data and maintain the counters. This photo shows Roger with an infrared scope from a counter.

Roger's contributions loom even larger for three reasons. First, he commutes to volunteer from his home in northern Kentucky - about an hour each way - because he cares so much about the trail. Second, he's on the north side of 70 (although he works like a 30-year-old). Third, Roger is also almost totally deaf due to an adult-onset condition, making communications challenging at times.

When he's not clearing trail berms or servicing counters, Roger cycles about 3,500 miles a year, and seems to know every road and trail in southwestern Ohio. 


Roger is not only a good worker, but also a pleasure to be around. Thank you, Roger, for your service! 


Bridge Project Advances - with a BANG!  


Old northbound bridge before demolition
New bridge, north & south, under construction
by Tom Wallace 

Most of you, we suspect, did not see the big bang near our trail recently because it happened on a Sunday morning at 7:00. It was the latest step in replacing the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge on I-71 near Wilmington, involving the demolition of one of the two older bridges. That's demolition as in KABOOM!!!


The first photo shows what got demolished. Actually, the near part of that span is still standing, to be taken down by machine because of its proximity to the Little Miami and to the new bridge (shown in the second photo). 


Does this mean they're almost finished? Well . . . Read More


Thank You, F & D Tree Service
On May 17, a group of six chipped numerous piles of brush near Adams Road. Their work cleaned up debris from berm clearing efforts of last season and this season. The chipper machine time and labor of two professionals was donated by Fred Mergy of F&D Tree Service. See before and after photos here.
Bringing in the Bucket!
by Dirk Morgan 

Many volunteer hours are spent clearing culverts along the uphill side of our trail. Due to many years of sedimentation and neglect, many culverts and drains along the trail have become hopelessly blocked. Then, when it rains, slick mud can flow over the trail, causing a hazard to bikers and hikers alike.

Help is now on the way in the form of a backhoe operator from Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who is clearing culverts on the trail when not busy with other projects. He started at Rt. 350 in Fort Ancient and is working his way south. With the additional assistance of Trail volunteers, we hope these culverts may now be returned to their original condition, making regular maintenance much easier in the future.

So remember, when you see a trail volunteer with a shovel in his hand, he is making the trail safer and better for all of us. Please take the time to say thank you or even give them a hand! Happy Trails! 


The Friends is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and safety concerns.   
  Annual Meeting & Picnic
 Please join us!

Sunday, June 29

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

5443 Middletown Rd
Corwin, OH 45068

 Picnic meal provided. Socialize, vote, learn about the new strategic plan for FLMSP!
 Your Voice Needed
In his June 11 announcement (see article at left) ODNR Director emphasized the importance of trail supporters completing the survey on the state website as improvement plans are made.
A couple of minutes of your time may have a big influence on the help our trail receives. Please click on the link below, select "Little Miami" park, and let the state know that you'd like some of your tax dollars go toward resurfacing and fixing drainage and erosion on the trail: 
Trail Hotline


Call to report downed trees or other non-emergency safety issues

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Busy this Summer

What's this new piece of equipment generously donated by McDaniel's Construction and Sheedy Paving? Find out its complicated name and what the Special Ops team will be doing with it here. 


Ohio-to-Erie Trail Maps Available

We have sets of Ohio-to-Erie Trail Maps available for the asking. Please contact Aaron Rourke if you would like one.


Marathons Coming to Our Trail!

The inaugural Market to Market Relay Ohio challenges 6-8 person teams to complete a 76-mile running relay from Cincinnati to Dayton's RiverScape MetroPark.  Registration is open and filling up fast for the September 6, 2014 race. The day-long running road trip requires team members to run different sections of some of Ohio's most scenic running trail systems, including the Little Miami Trail from Milford to Xenia. As one runner tackles a leg of the course, their team members pile into a team van and drive to the next exchange point to prepare a baton pass to the next team member.

The race is also looking for volunteer groups of 8 to 10 to manage exchange areas. In return the race will provide you with a $400 to $500 stipend, making it an easy and fun fundraiser.

 More info available here.

The Little Miami Half Marathon and 10K comes to our trail on August 17. The price goes up on July 1, so be sure to register now. More info, registration here.