December 12, 2013




To date we've invested over 50 hours in preparing our submission for the $150,000 Recreation Trails Program (RTP) grant. As of today, we've received approvals from all 10 state and federal agencies. However, there's no guarantee we'll be awarded the grant by 12/31/2013.


Therefore, if you would like to have your donation included on your 2013 tax return, let me suggest the following:

  1. Write a check for your pledge amount dated 12/31/2013 with "RTP grant" on the Memo line and mail to Friends of the Little Miami State Park, 74 Locust Hill Rd, Cincinnati OH 45245.

  2. We will hold (i.e. not cash) these "RTP grant" pledge/donations.

  3. If we are NOT awarded the RTP grant, we'll return your uncashed check to you.

  4. However, if we ARE awarded the RTP grant, we'll cash your check and post it against your pledge amount.


We now know first-hand how arduous applying for a federal grant is. But there are two definite positives:

  1. We have the opportunity to realize a 400% (i.e. 4:1) return on our $37,000 match.

  2. We'll have the opportunity to apply for another RTP grant in February 2015 and reuse much of the material we've developed for this RTP grant.


Thank you for being part of this grant initiative. We'll be in touch as events unfold.





Steve Murphy

Friends of the Little Miami State Park