The Kiosk Challenge:

We need your ideas!

Many of you have seen the beautiful new kiosk at the Fosters Little Miami Scenic Trail access. It displays a large trail map, as well as information on State Park programs, trail safety, and FLMSP. The kiosk is part of the Rest and Information Centers FLMSP is providing at several points along the trail. We are seeking your input--before Sunday--for decisions on future kiosks.


Here's the problem: We love the Fosters kiosk, and the cost is reasonable, but building it took over 200 hours of labor. We don't want to be spending that much time building kiosks; our priority is to take care of the trail. So we're looking at a simpler design. One idea is the type of kiosk near Morgan's Canoe in Oregonia (pictured here); perhaps you have another suggestion.


A big factor here is TIME. We have two Eagle Scout candidates who would like to work on these kiosks as their Eagle project, but we need to act now, before they return to school in August, to benefit from their labor. Our monthly board meeting is this Sunday, July 28, and we must make a decision at that meeting. We believe that "trail people" are a pretty special, talented group, so we're asking for your suggestions for future kiosks. We value your comments!
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