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May 2013
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Friends' Top 10 of 2012
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Tale of the Gloves
Food, Fuel, and Friends
Friends' Top 10 of 2012

Minuteman Response: The violent derecho windstorm on Friday, June 29 downed 40 trees on our 50-mile trail. By Sunday night, our Adopt-a-Trail adopters and volunteers had cut up all 40 trees to make the trail passable. Jim Henahan, Ohio State Parks manager, noted "this was the largest turnout of friends/volunteers to an emergency situation in Ohio State Parks history. The friends/volunteers on the Little Miami led the way in responding quickly and efficiently thanks to your group's strong organization and selfless members."


Purchase of a pull-behind debris blower: This high-capacity blower, selected and bought by Tony Blizniak with grant funds from Loveland's Amazing Race, removes leaves, twigs, and walnuts to extend the safe use of the trail into the fall and winter months.


A smoother ride: Don Hahn (above) and his team ground down bumps from encroaching tree roots moving from Oregonia to the southern end of the trail. Jay Hanson's team cut offending roots at the trail edge to keep the ride smooth.


Good riddance: Super-invasive honeysuckle met its match when the Friends hired a professional to spray the plants with herbicide. Now that it's spring, the effectiveness is visible on all 33 trailside miles treated so far. Controlling non-native honeysuckle allows the return of Ohio underbrush in all its variety and promotes trail safety by improving visibility at intersections.

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Praise & Problems: April Meeting

April's monthly FLMSP meeting opened with a positive report from Donna Leigh King, an independent Fund Development Consultant who assessed the organization's readiness to achieve fundraising success. Donna had high praise for the group, commenting that it scored higher in organizational credibility, business best practices, and financial health than many nonprofits she counsels with budgets twenty times greater than ours. She gave kudos for our active volunteer base, measurable accomplishments, and strategic plan; from the financial angle, she praised business and accounting practices that go above and beyond the standard, steady growth without operating deficits, and secure and mission-consistent sources of funding.


Aaron Rourke, Adopt-a-Trail coordinator, reported the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) has made available 150 pine seedlings to be planted near the trail; we need to choose the sites. The first berm mowing by ODNR will be around May 15, so Adopt-a-Trail crews will focus on removing downed branches along the berm before then. Aaron stressed the need for co-adopters for all sections of the trail. Recent FLMSP trail improvements include the success of honeysuckle spraying on the southern half of the trail, and clearing and planting of an intersection near Spring Valley. Read more

Tale of the Gloves
 by Janet Slater 


I don't know which of the Fosters-based Adopt-a-Trail crew these gloves belong to, but I'm pretty sure it's either Paul Morgan or Don Hahn. Both P&G retirees, these men co-adopted the two sections of trail between Grandin Road (old Peters factory) and Nesbit Park in Loveland, and they were wearing out gloves working on the trail long before that.

Because they see themselves as "trail ambassadors" (Paul always answers "Help us!" when trail users call out their thanks), Don and Paul have grown their crew to 14, including Bruce Cortright, Rick Forrester, Pete Kurtz, Bradley Berg, Fred Kindred, Nick Montjoy, Bob Werner, Steve Tinosman, Bill Smith, Brad Frericks, Janet Slater, and Mark Haase. Consider some of the group's accomplishments in 2012: Read more

The Friends is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the Little Miami State Park. We assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with development planning, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and safety concerns.   
Food, Fuel, Friends
You can help support and maintain the Little Miami trail at no cost to you! If you already have a Kroger Plus card, register it here and designate "Friends of the Little Maimi State Park" (NPO#82685) as your nonprofit organization. If you don't have a card, get one at the customer service desk of any Kroger store.
You will still earn all your fuel points, and FLMSP will receive a donation from Kroger every time you shop!
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