Friends of the Little Miami State Park
Dear (Contact First Name),

Every year Loveland hosts Loveland's Amazing Race.  The proceeds from this event are given to local charities.  This year, Friends of the Little Miami State Park have been awarded a grant of $7,000 to purchase a single-pass blower.

A little background on a single-pass blower.  Last year Ohio State Parks blew the trail --- it took many, many hours, i.e. down one side for 50 miles, back up the other side for 50 miles.  A single-pass blower mounts on a snow plow mount on the front of a pickup truck.  It has in-cab on/off controls.  It's driven down the middle of the trail and it blows in both directions --- 240 MPH tip speed.  Greene County has one of these units and they drive it at 10-15 MPH.  In other words, at 10 MPH our trail can be done in 5 hours.


In consideration of this grant, Martin Schickel of Loveland's Amazing Race has asked me to recruit 6-12 volunteers for Saturday June 16 from 8:30AM-4:00PM for setup, take-down, cleanup and race monitoring.


For now I'm recruiting just from our Adopt-a-Trail volunteers because I know your passion and your work ethic.


Come join me.  Reply to this email if you can make it.  I think it should be a fun day.   




Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park