Friends of the Little Miami State Park
Dear (Contact First Name),

The Friends of the Little Miami State Park is in the process of preparing a grant application to the Duke Energy Foundation for "crack-filling" along the 50 miles of the Little Miami State Park.  We believe we fit in at least 2 of Duke Energy Foundation's 4 "areas of focus", i.e. environment and community vitality.
But there's much more to Duke Energy Foundation than just grants.  Did you know:? 
  1. Duke Energy matches 50 cents on the dollar for all employee and retiree contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations, e.g. Friends of the Little Miami State Park.  Interested? 866-604-5486.
  2. Duke Energy has created "Volunteers In Action", an on-line database where employees can submit, search and sign up for volunteer opportunities across their service territory. By the end of this week, Friends of the Little Miami State Park will be listed in this database.
  3. The Duke Energy Foundation provides financial support for their employees and retirees who volunteer in their communities. Volunteer grants are for "sweat equity" projects completed by employees, while board leadership grants are designed for employees and retirees who serve on the board of directors of qualifying organization.  This might be a good fit if you're interested in volunteering for Adopt-a-Trail.

It's clear to me that Duke Energy does more than just encourage its employees to volunteer in their communities, it stands behind their efforts by providing financial support.


We're very fortunate to have a company in our community that shares our values of volunteerism and community engagement.







Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park