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Our Adopt-a-Trail program has been in operation for 2 years. We've divided the trail into 24 road-to-road segments --- so that the segment can be entered either from the north end or the south end.


As you can see from the table below, ALL 24 segments have now been adopted and several have been co-adopted. The final Wilmington Rd to Rt 350 (Ft. Ancient) segment was adopted last Wednesday January 25 by Chris Potensky, Jean Kinney, and Dale Bodmer.


At this point, Adopt-a-Trail Coordinator Aaron Rourke will begin the task of training and equipping these adopter and co-adopters.  Bayard Liesch will be coordinating chain-saw training in the near future.


I'm confident trail users will see the difference these segment adopters will make during 2012.  Thank you to each and every one of you.


In reading the table below, "MM" stands for "mile marker". "miles" is the approximate length of the segment. "Location" is meant to give you some idea as to where along the 50-mile trail this road-to-road segment is located. 


FromToMilesDescriptionLocationAdopter(s) Rd to Richland RdXenia-Spring ValleyDennis & Kathy Lewis Rd to Bellbrook AveXenia-Spring ValleyAlan Petersen Ave to Roxanna-New Burlington RdSpring ValleyRichard Feldmann Burlington Rd to New Burlington Rd (Co Rd 36)Spring Valley-CorwinBayard Liesch
12.514.01.5New Burlington Rd (Co Rd 36) to Corwin AveCorwin

Ron Metzger                  

Travis Glaze Rd to Middletown RdCorwin-Oregonia

Glenn Harper      

Carole Endres

16.518.52.0Middletown Rd to Elbon RdCorwin-OregoniaAaron Rourke
18.519.51.0Elbon Rd to Oregonia RdOregoniaAaron Rourke
19.521.52.0Oregonia Rd to Wilmington RdOregonia-MorrowSierra Club
21.523.01.5Wilmington Rd to Rt 350 (Ft. Ancient)Oregonia-Morrow

Chris Potensky        

Jean Kinney              

Dale Bodmer            

Brad Frericks 350 to Strout RdOregonia-MorrowBill Ash Rd to Mill St/Rt 123MorrowDirk Morgan St/Rt 123 to Morrow-Cozaddale RdMorrow-South LebanonReading Terraqua Club
29.530.51.0Morrow-Cozaddale Rd to Stubbs Mill RdMorrow-South LebanonWest Chester Cyclery
30.533.53.0Stubbs Mill Rd to S Main St/Lebanon RdSouth Lebanon

Ray Cunningham  

Maxine Fischer

33.535.01.5S Main St/Lebanon Rd to Grandin RdSouth Lebanon-LovelandJim & Kathy Mauer Rd to Fosters-Maineville RdSouth Lebanon-Loveland

Don Hahn                    

Paul Morgan            

Bill Smith                

Rick Forrester

37.541.03.5Fosters-Maineville Rd to Cones RdLoveland

Paul Morgan                

Don Hahn                

Rick Forrester Rd to Branch Hill-Guinea PkLoveland-MilfordBill Schroeder Hill-Guinea Pk to Beech RdLoveland-MilfordTom Creasman Rd to Wards Corner RdLoveland-Milford

Paul Leiter                 R

Randy & Barbee Hirtzel Corner Rd to Cunningham RdLoveland-MilfordBill Schwinn
48.551.02.5Cunningham Rd to Shawnee Run Rd MilfordBishop's Bicycles Run Rd to Avoca ParkTerrace ParkDon Mills


 The basic responsibilities of a trail segment adopter are: 
  • Pick up trash.
  • Clear lines of sight at road intersections. 
  • Look for "sink holes" --- evidence of a collapsing culvert under the trail.
  • On both sides of the trail, clear the mowing "right of way", i.e. remove any obstacles that would impede State Park mowers causing them to get off their equipment or go around the obstacle.
  • Clear vegetation (e.g. honeysuckle) in front of and a shoulder-width behind fences --- when the topology allows this to be done safely.
  • Identify any fences that are no longer necessary to protect  trail users from leaving the trail and getting injured.
  • Repair broken or damaged fences.
  • Recognize the volunteer efforts of your crew members.     

Will you consider becoming Trail Segment Co-adopter?  A volunteer for an existing Trail Segment Adopter?  Let us know at


Ours is a wonderful trail and Trail Segment Adopters and their Volunteers will allow us to keep it that way.  



FLMSP is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the multipurpose trail and facilities of the Little Miami State Park. We're grateful for your support and dedication to the future of this Ohio State Park. For more information please visit the Friends of the Little Miami State Park website at or


We post our meeting dates and upcoming events on our website. Thank you for your interest in our organization and for your support.


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Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park