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Friend of the Little Miami State Park     


Over the summer, Mel Hensey, of the management consulting company Hensey Associates, facilitated the development of a Strategic Plan for the Friends of the Little Miami State Park.  You can print and/or download the Strategic Plan here. And by way of special tribute, Mel did this work pro bono.


The contributors to this plan were members of the Board, members of the Advisory Board, and our strongest volunteers and trail users.


Our first task was to identify define our Mission, then 3 Goals that would allow us to achieve that Mission, and finally the Activities that would allow us to achieve each of these 3 Goals.  You'll see each of these components in the printable/downloadable Strategic Plan.


You'll also notice that for every Activity there's a box to the right with the heading "Champion".  For each Activity we need to recruit a Champion, someone who will take ownership of that Activity, recruit the necessary human resources, and make it happen --- hence the "call to action".


We will only succeed in accomplishing our Mission if we can recruit a Champion for each of the listed Activities. In general, the Board's role in this Strategic Plan is to recruit the Champions, provide financial resources as they're identified and justified, remove obstacles to success, and recognize accomplishments.


Will you consider becoming an Activity Champion?  Will you consider volunteering for one of the listed Activities once an Activity Champion has been identified?  Let us know at


Ours is a wonderful trail and this Strategic Plan represents a way forward.  However, without people stepping up to the challenge, it's merely 3 sheets of paper.


Let's make this Strategic Plan a reality.



FLMSP is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the multipurpose trail and facilities of the Little Miami State Park. We're grateful for your support and dedication to the future of this Ohio State Park. For more information please visit the Friends of the Little Miami State Park website at or


We post our meeting dates and upcoming events on our website. Thank you for your interest in our organization and for your support.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please click here to share them.







Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park