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Earlier this month work began on the new Jeremiah Morrow I-71 bridge --- a 5-year project. According to Sharon Smigielski, the spokeswoman for ODOT's District 8 office in Turtlecreek Township, "The construction should not impact people who use the Little Miami bike path."
We've received similar assurances from Alan Ferguson, Park Manager for the Little Miami State Park.
Here's what we've been told:
  • No work will be done on weekends.
  • During the week, work will be done mostly at night.
  • Trail closures will not last more than 60 minutes. However, ODOT is silent on the frequency of these "less than 60 minute" trail closures.
  • ODOT will give Park management advance notice of such trail closures --- although the amount of "advance notice" is undefined.
Your Friends group will remain vigilant and try to get clarification on issues of importance, i.e. the amount of advance notice on trail closures. 
When we're notified of an upcoming trail closure, we'll post that information to www.flmsp.org and send email notifications. 
Friends of the Little Miami State Park
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Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park