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Issue: 17
September 2015

What a joyful and proud occasion it is to be celebrating Torchiana's 35th anniversary.  The number of years might be impressive but, as everyone knows, it's the people who make a business successful.  We have been blessed in every way possible with: 
  • All of the employees who are here now and those who have been with us over the years; 
  • Our consultants and coaches who have provided us with valuable insights, products and services to support our mission; 
  • The clients who have chosen us as their entrusted provider to serve their employees; 
  • Our CPI Partners and referrals who have added to our success and provided for our client needs; 
  • Thousands of people who we have counseled and coached, inspired and affirmed, developed and helped assimilate throughout the years.  

Our people-centric approach has earned us a sterling reputation and our clients' trust, resulting in a 95% client retention rate.



About Torchiana's History
Torchiana is proud to be a founding member of Career Partners International (CPI), the largest privately owned global talent management consultancy. Founded in 1987, our footprint has grown to include 280-plus offices in 48 countries. Our membership enables us to provide best-in-class talent management solutions that drive organizational performance whether your need is local or global.

Through the decades, change has been constant. Thirty-five years ago, Barbara Streisand made a hit with, "The Way We Were," The Empire Strikes Back was a top movie in the box office, and gas was .55 cents a gallon. And when we first started, there were 21 corporate outplacement providers in the Bay Area including Torchiana, a number that has decreased greatly over the years. Our resilience and ability to keep our delivery relevant has enabled us to continue to grow our client base and incredible team. Interestingly, the prestigious Fortune 500 organization who got us started in the outplacement business continues to be our valued client through all of these years.

Over the last 15 years, our employee and leadership development practice has grown with the addition of programs, tailored solutions and a rapidly expanding team of coaches, both locally and globally through our CPI partnership (25 coaches locally and several hundred globally). Our industry has evolved considerably over the years, yet the reputation of our staff and services has remained unchanged, always with the goal of being the provider of choice when it comes to high touch delivery. We are honored to have such a tenured staff and the high quality of their work is demonstrated by our service delivery evaluations and volume of referred business by our clients and contacts. 

Of course we are proud! We love what we do!
What Our Clients Have to Say
For many clients working with us has been life-changing as described in our testimonials: 
  • My consultant was phenomenal. I know that I wouldn't be employed today if it hadn't been for her help. The program provided the structure and framework and my consultant guided, taught, and coached me through the entire process. My consultant became my trusted sounding board for all my trials and trepidations. She helped me construct a resume that sliced through the competition (as I was told on each of my interviews) and she gave me the confidence to succeed and succeed I did. [outplacement candidate] 
  • I was reflecting on the highlights of the year and getting to work with you was definitely one of them. What a thought provoking experience, which motivated me to show up differently. It's paying off in more ways than I could have imagined. [executive coaching candidate] 
  • I suspect you have heard this before, but I cannot recommend my consultant more highly - she is fantastic! My consultant was a huge help in supporting me and helping me rediscover my confidence. Her indefatigable optimism and positive manner was infectious. She is an excellent listener and in a very short time frame I felt that she really "got me." I have said this to friends and family and want to mention here that this time during my career transition turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot, especially about myself, and I could not have done it without Torchiana. I am so grateful to them - and to my former employer for providing this valuable resource. [outplacement candidate] 
  • Thank you for such a great experience. I definitely benefited from the coaching in multiple ways I've learned a lot about myself and some of my areas that need more attention to grow as an executive with your help! I have changed my approach as a leader and was promoted to EVP recently. The ol' adage what got you here won't get you there is so true! [executive coaching candidate] 
  • The outstanding counseling by my consultant made my three months a meaningful life changing experience. My consultant's adept piloting skills enabled me to view my transition not as a mundane, painful job hunt, but rather a fantastic opportunity to explore new avenues. What an incredible journey it has been. [outplacement candidate] 
  • One of the managing principals went far beyond what was required to provide coaching, advice and connections. He and my consultant were a phenomenal team, and they made it a very positive experience. Bill Torchiana runs a great organization, and he is clearly a great leader and an innovator in outplacement. I have been through outplacement before and the contrast is really incredible. I think what made Torchiana a great experience is that it was "high touch," they genuinely care about the success of their clients, and are well networked in the Bay area. You guys are the best in the business!! [outplacement candidate]
Looking Forward
We look forward to many more years of partnership with our clients, program participants and team to deliver top quality services synonymous with the Torchiana brand.  We look forward to the next 35 years!

All the best,
Bill and Pat Torchiana
About Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro

Established in 1980, Torchiana is the Bay Area's most experienced independent career management firm. Our staff of professionals have expertise in all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services. We have established strategic alliances with select organizations to fulfill additional human capital and business needs.

We firmly believe that your people are your most valuable asset. Our offices in San Francisco, San Ramon and Santa Clara provide service to more than 300 companies and we deliver our services worldwide through Career Partners International (CPI).