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Outplacement: Good for Employee and Employer!
Blog of the Month: How to Choose an Excellent Outplacement Firm
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Issue: 16
August 2015

Outplacement can be good for both the employee and the employer; it all comes down to treating people right. In addition to offering laid off employees resources and coaching to help them find their next position, it can help improve morale, motivation, productivity and retention for the remaining staff. 

This month's newsletter shares more details about the importance of outplacement as well as factors to consider when selecting an outplacement firm. We also share ways we're utilizing social media to share our consultants' and coaches' knowledge, perspective and more. Make sure you connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for a wealth of helpful insight. 

Here at Torchiana, we know that successful organizations are created through strong teams comprised of the right individuals. As always, our goal is to help your company grow through all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist with your career management needs.

All the Best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz

Outplacement: Good for Employee and Employer!
There are several reasons organizations seek outplacement support for their employees, including a reduction in force, merger/acquisition, site closure or product/service elimination, early retirement initiative, cultural fit clashes, etc. 

The loss of a job can be financially and emotionally devastating for an employee. Tough economic cycles can exacerbate the existing pressures that laid-off employees feel when leaving known routines, looking for a new job, and making ends meet. 

For the Employee 
Outplacement provides the benefit of seeing their career in terms of experience, values, interest, and personality (fit). It is about planning for the future while being mindful of the present path needed to get there. At Torchiana, services are tailored to support the key focus areas for success including: 
  • Career Life History-provide an appreciation for what they bring to the table and helps them understand what is important to be successful. 
  • Resume & LinkedIn Profile-build effective presentation about who they are historically (skills and experiences) and futuristically (capabilities, and interests). 
  • Networking-meet people who you may not have had the opportunity to be introduced to in other circumstances. Statistics continue to reveal that networking is how 70-80% of job seekers land new opportunities.
  • Interviewing-realize that this process is a two-way discussion designed to get at current capabilities and potential, to understand the organization's needs and environment (culture), and to grasp fit. 
  • Negotiation-discover what can be negotiated and how to do it appropriately so everyone wins.
Our consultants work very closely with candidates to: 
  • Teach them relevant and current job search skills 
  • Be an impartial set of ears to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm various paths 
  • Create energy and positive frame of mind for the job search 
  • Support them through the peaks and valleys inevitable with any job search 
For the Employer 
Providing career transition support to impacted employees is not only the responsible thing to do, but it makes sound business sense. The quality of the support affects how separated employees, remaining staff, customers and community judge the company. A positive career transition experience pays off in a multitude of ways. Employers increasingly reap the benefits, which include improved morale, motivation and productivity; increased retention; better support of managers; and improved reputation. 

A coordinated, well-thought-out process helps both the employer and the employee in many ways and delivers a high ROI through sustained productivity during heightened uncertainty, increased retention of staff who are staying, reduced recruiting costs and increased customer loyalty. 

Protecting company brand 
Your company brand and reputation is golden. The Internet enables people to quickly get information about your organization through social networks, corporate reputation sites, blogs, etc. People will remember the character of the firm and how it handled their "people" in tough times, and they'll share the story for generations of employees to come. 

Customer loss 
Negative public perception of a layoff can be another unexpected cost. Employee loyalty and customer loyalty have a direct correlation-it takes 10 positives to overcome one negative. Additionally, losing experienced sales and marketing employees who have strong relationships with clients can cause lasting damage to a business. 

Voluntary resignations 
For remaining employees who keenly observe their co-workers and colleagues departing, the cost to regain damaged trust is immeasurably greater than the cost of transition programs. Treat all employees (terminated and current) with dignity and respect. Remaining employees always watch how you exit employees from your organization because they are thinking that next time it could be them.

Reduced recruiting costs 
Alumni may be your best source for the next top candidate by referral or direct hire. Treat them like they are a prime customer whose product or service needs have shifted, and you will reap the reward in future returns on positive talent relations. Make them feel as valued on the way out as on the way in. Being treated with dignity and respect puts them in a better frame of mind for searching for their next job!
Blog of the Month: How to Choose an Excellent Outplacement Firm
Is your company is downsizing, merging or restructuring? Do you want to offer employees being laid off a career coaching process to help them in their career transition? Would you, at the same time, like to preserve engagement and retention of remaining employees? Then you need the assistance of an outplacement firm. 

Once your company makes the decision to use a professional outplacement provider, how do you choose one that best fits the needs of your workforce and your organization? 

This article includes a checklist for HR managers who have to make decisions on which outplacement consultancy to use. Make sure you take the time to read and digest it!
What's New?
Torchiana is gearing up to take social media by storm! Our team of talented consultants and coaches often share their knowledge, perspectives and articles of interest in support of our collaborative internal spirit. We also ensure our job search candidates receive cutting edge information each week with Tim Johnston's TJ's Tech Tips. Because we regularly interact with such a broad audience, social media is an ideal platform to keep our networks informed. In addition to our newsletter, you will find us in the usual places: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Many have commented how valuable these resources have been for them. We hope that you will follow us and participate in these communities of information, knowledge and opinions! Our goal is to engage members, leverage networks, add value, share collective intelligence, and lay the foundation for conversation and mutually beneficial relationships. We look forward to connecting with you in the social media eco-sphere! 
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