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Issue: 15
June 2015

Did you know that 42% of executives believe their business growth has slowed due to lacking the right leadership? Fortunately, Torchiana closely watches organizational trends; in the past decade we've expanded our leadership practice to include some of the most talented coaches and development experts in the region to help you develop strong leaders for your organization. Our team recently gathered to share best practices, the latest in leadership research and more. Keep reading to learn more about their observations and experiences.

This month's blog focuses on how executive coaching can make a greater impact within organizations. We also share a brand new learning series, introduce the new President and CEO of Career Partners International and upcoming events you'll want to add to your calendar! 

Here at Torchiana, we know that successful organizations are created through strong teams comprised of the right individuals. As always, our goal is to help your company grow through all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist with your career management needs.

All the Best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz


Leadership Development and Coaching: Why Now?
There's an abundance of research recently pointing to a higher than ever need to develop leaders who can execute increasingly complex business strategies. According to Workforce 2020, "42% of executives believe their companies' growth plans are slowed by the lack of access to the right leadership. The need for enterprise leadership has never been greater than right now. The global business landscape and ever changing nature of work are placing additional pressures on companies to invest in its leaders. Yet research shows that leadership is not what it should be, and that efforts to identify and develop future leaders are far from adequate or, as Workforce 2020 calls it, a Leadership Cliff. It is imperative that companies address the leadership gaps that threaten to derail their business plans. By developing the talent and skills they need, companies can position themselves to thrive." 

Torchiana closely watches organizational trends and over the last 10 years has steadily grown the leadership practice with some of the most talented coaches and development experts in the Bay Area. The large team of 25 coaches has broad backgrounds and expertise with a number of Ph.D.'s, former C Suite Executives, and subject matter experts in organizational dynamics and 360 assessments. Recently, we gathered the team together to share best practices, latest leadership research, as well as their current coaching experiences. 

One of the key themes from the coaching meeting was that there is more openness to coaching help and it is no longer viewed as a weakness, but a positive investment in support of increasing leadership capabilities. In the past coaching for succession and assimilation was typically limited to the VP levels. However, the demand for coaching at the Director and even manager level has increased dramatically. At the same time, leaders are described as "bone tired" due to constant change, global commitments, increased complexity, doing more with less, over scheduling of calendars, unrelenting demands, etc. This can affect coaching engagements in terms of lack of availability to meet and be present in the moment, more frequent cancellations, and requests for quicker results in less time. Work demands have increased and success in the role is more critical than before because the stakes are higher in lean organizations. Stakeholder management-understanding how to manage up, down, and across the organization-is vitally important. More than ever there is a strong desire to increase self-awareness and embrace individual leadership brand. The most frequently requested coaching needs are:
  • Thinking about organization and work more strategically-how does their department/function fit into the larger corporate initiatives? 
  • Transitioning from managing to leading 
  • Making effective use of team 
  • Being more effective in making connections with key stakeholders 
  • Effectively communicating up, down and across 
  • Developing executive presence and polish 

Does this resonate with what is going on in your organization? Could Torchiana help you develop extraordinary leaders? We invite you to check out our incredible team and connect with us when your next development needs arise!

Blog of the Month: Executive Coaching for Impact
business-meeting-convo.jpg When a company invests in development of any kind, the goal is to help individual employees and the organization succeed. 

Individually, the focuses of goals are about results - behavioral changes to improve outcomes. 

For the organization investing in development, improved results are still the goal, but likely more strategic than tactical development. The organization also wants to build a leadership pipeline for the future and develop the coaching skills of its leaders that enable them to build the skills of others, as well. 

Business Case 

According to a 2011 Bersin study, organizations whose senior leadership "very frequently" make an effort to coach others have 21% higher business results. 

Organizations that effectively prepare managers to coach are 33% better at engaging employees and are 130% more likely to realize stronger business results, according to the same study. 

What's different about executive coaching? Find out here.
What's New?
New Learning Series 

We are excited to offer an Accelerated Leadership Learning Series! Why? Because we now work in Organizational Whitewater! Ask any leader in your company if the points below sound familiar:
  • Most of us are working a least! 
  • Competitive pressures have never been more demanding 
  • Priorities have become moving targets; they change, pile on, or are replaced with increasing frequency 
  • Most jobs are more complex than they used to be, demanding much higher skill sets 
  • Keeping up with everything that is happening requires a 24/7 schedule 
  • Good enough is no longer good enough! 

There's simply no denying that today's leaders work in uncertain and complex realities. The Accelerated Leadership Series has been carefully designed to provide the highest degree of impact in the shortest period of time for emerging and seasoned leaders. Each module is focused on a particular topic relevant to today's leadership challenges.

Whether you have an existing leadership program or are designing one from the ground up, these stand-alone offerings allow companies to select only the most pertinent topics. Curriculum can be designed based on the particular set of circumstances, priorities and tactical or strategic objectives faced by leaders in their organizations. Each course is between 2-4 hours in length depending on the session and customization. Topics include: 

  • The Leader Within: How Mindset and Belief Systems Determine Leadership Impact 
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Culture and Leadership: The Culture Dig 
  • Letting Go of Things That Don't Help: Getting Unstuck from Behaviors that Decrease Impact 
  • Strategic Influence Skills: Understanding Human Behavior to Increase Impact 
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Strengthening the Real Game Changers 
  • Prioritizing and Staying Focused on Things That Matter: Increasing Leadership ROI 
  • The Operating System of High Performing Teams: The Five Pillars 
  • Leading Change: Creating a Roadmap for Change and Using Tools for Leverage 
  • Developing True Business Acumen: Asking Profound Questions that Lead to Profound Insights 
  • Becoming an Agile Organization: Strengthening the Building Blocks of Organizational Agility 

Changes at the Top

Career Partners International (CPI) has a new President and CEO, Karen O'Boyle. Karen is an accomplished global business leader with an exceptional record of building highly competitive, profitable, and sustainable businesses. Her deep experience in both career transition and talent management - along with her outstanding business acumen and global orientation - will be a huge benefit to our Partners and clients worldwide." Before joining CPI, O'Boyle was Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Lee Hecht Harrison. Prior to that, she was President of North America and the Global Sales Leader for Drake Beam Morin. She also held senior leadership roles at Right Management, Manchester Partners International, and Diversified Search.

Read more here.

Upcoming Events
Labor Market Data: Use It or Lose It From Gallagher Consulting (free seminar) 
Date: June 18, 2015 

NCHRA East Bay/Tri-Valley/Contra Costa Summer Networking Social
Date: June 18, 2015 
More Info:

SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition 
Torchiana will represent Career Partners International - Stop by our booth #2221! 
Date: June 28 - July 1, 2015 

HR Strategy Forum Aligning the Organization Around Common Purpose 
Date: September 16, 2015 

2nd Annual International Barcelona HR Conference Global Trends in HR 
Date: October 9, 2015 
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