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Issue: 9
September 2014

In this month's issue of The Power of Talent, our focus is outplacement. Although you're probably aware of the benefits to an individual, there is considerable value for organizations that invest in these services as well. Find out how outplacement can benefit your company as part of your formal off-boarding procedure. 

Also, do you mistakenly believe the common myths about outplacement? Keep reading to find out the truth behind some prevalent misconceptions. 

Here at Torchiana, we believe that your people are your most valuable asset. That's why our staff of professionals has expertise in all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services to help your company grow. 

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist you with your outplacement or other career management needs.

All the Best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz


Off-Boarding & Outplacement: 
How They Benefit Your Organization
How efficient is your organization's off-boarding process? Do you even have a formal procedure? Regardless of why individuals leave, turnover is part of every business; yet only 29 percent of companies have a plan in place to help former employees leave gracefully. Often overlooked, a formal off-boarding process that utilizes outplacement services provides considerable value to the organization as a whole, in addition to the individual. 

How can a company benefit from outplacement? As important as these services are to an individual, they're vital to organizations that want to maintain a cohesive brand and identity as employees leave or change positions within the business. 

By investing in outplacement, you're showing employees that you're committed to them as individuals, too. Outplacement services can help former employees identify their skills and goals, and even motivate them to work toward higher-level positions. 

When individuals leave a company, it's easy for leaders to focus on the responsibilities that need to be covered, but many forget about how it affects those that stay. By making outplacement part of your organization's formal off-boarding process, you're providing a graceful exit that will be appreciated by those that leave and by those that stay. 

Want to know more? Contact us today to find out how outplacement services can benefit your organization's off-boarding process.

Blog of The Month
The Top 5 Myths About Outplacement

Myth 1 - Outplacement services are just for junior employees. 

Many, including senior executives themselves, may question what an outplacement provider can offer those with long, successful careers and strong networks. In our experience, most employees that involuntarily lose their job, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy, have feelings of insecurity and anxiety at some point. Senior executives often take longer to transition into their next role or career change, so many face these feelings of uncertainty for a longer period of time, quickly impacting their confidence and clouding their thinking. Effective career transition support can help employees at all levels in the organization manage these feelings effectively and equip them with the confidence and ability to map out their future career path. 

Myth 2 - If an employee has accessed career transition services previously, they do not need support if they experience another job loss. 

Regardless of whether it is the first time an employee has involuntarily lost their job or the fifth time, the feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that often accompany redundancy surface. Combine these recurring feelings with a rapidly changing job market and shifting personal goals, and it's clear why employees can derive great value from career transition support each and every time they experience a job loss. 

Continue reading on the CareerPartners International website.
This article was provided by Career Partners International.

What's New at Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro?
silver-keyboard2.jpg We're excited to share some of the latest news from Career Partners International (CPI):
  • Our partner network is expanding its global presence with the addition of 59 offices in Japan, Quebec City, New Orleans, Knoxville and Franklin, TN. 
  • We are introducing a new online resource to support their Entrepreneurial Program with a variety of tools including personal and financial assessments, business planning software, SkillSoft training for Entrepreneurs, interactive exercises, videos and more.
  • We are both proud and excited to share the very high Net Promoter score: 76.39 percent report they were extremely satisfied.
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