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Issue: 6
March 2014

We hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! 

In this month's issue of The Power of Talent, we discuss the struggles of engagement in a multi-generational workplace. Nearly two-thirds of Americans don't feel engaged in the office and it's resulting in major losses for businesses. 

Read on to learn what motivates multiple generations in the workplace. A one-size fits all philosophy is no longer enough to increase engagement, employee loyalty and profits for your business. 

Here at Torchiana, we believe that people are your most valuable asset. That's why our staff of professionals has expertise in all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services to help your company grow.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist you with your career management needs.

All the Best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz


The Multi-Generational Workplace: One Size Does Not Fit All!

Question: Are you engaged at work? While this may seem like an easy one to answer, a common response often received is, "... Sometimes..."


Now, more than ever, the workplace is flooded with people from four different generations who each have a very diverse idea of what it means to be engaged in the office. The oldest generation, known as Traditionalists (among many other names) desires recognition, hierarchy and a humble attitude in the office. Meanwhile, the youngest generation, Gen Y or Millennials, wants fun, flexibility, advanced technology and positive reinforcement.


Moral of the story: Managers cannot ignore the gap between these generations and hope that everyone gets motivated on their own. These generations are completely dissimilar in their wants and needs from an employer, and it's important to recognize these differences in order to create a collaborative and engaging workplace.


Traditionalists & Boomers


For Traditionalists and Boomers, the phrase, "Your job is incentive enough," was the motto of the workforce. The boss handed an employee the job and it was their responsibility to keep themselves motivated and engaged.


These generations thrive off of a hard day's work and trust in the security of their job and retirement fund. But after the economy took a turn for the worse, these, and all other generations, are expecting to work longer and are rebuilding skills to fit into the technological demands of today's fast-paced workplace.  


Generation X


In 2012, there were nearly 50 million Generation X'ers in the workplace. These tech savvy and plugged-in employees desire a work-life balance, autonomy and flexibility. They have watched their parents live the American Dream, and while they still have ambitions of their own, they are looking for a workplace that respects them as a person as well as their abilities.


Generation Y


Also known as Millennials, this generation is looking for feedback, advanced technology, fun, innovativeness and creativity within the workplace. While they have received plenty of flak for potentially being lazy and self-entitled, this generation, by 2020, will make up nearly half of the world's employees. They don't see company loyalty as apriority anymore; if they don't like their job, they will go elsewhere.


Employee engagement is no longer a one-size-fits-all method; there are too many generations in the workplace to pursue a blanket philosophy. Therefore, employee engagement needs to be driven by individualized incentives based on each employee's needs and passions. Yes, it requires extra time, effort and resources. But the loyalty and talent that you'll keep will make it worthwhile. 



Photo Credit: Upstart360
Blog of The Month
Engagement: Are Your Employees & Engagement Scores Moving in the Right Direction? 

Can you remember a time when you felt totally engaged in what you were doing? 


Maybe you were excited about a new strategy at work or a community project. Whatever it was, do you remember the feeling of excitement, enthusiasm and commitment you had as you worked toward a shared goal with others?  


That's what engagement is....the ability to tap into the discretionary commitment and energy an individual or team has to give. These engaged employees are the vehicle for growth in any business, but unfortunately they're in short supply according to the results of the 2013 Gallup Survey titled State of the American Workplace


The most recent Gallup Survey reports that 30% of America's full-time workers are engaged and inspired at work, 20% are actively disengaged and the other 50% are not engaged - they're present but not inspired by their work or their managers. 


We can all agree that it's unlikely we'll win the hearts and minds of every employee. But, what might be possible if businesses were able to convert that 50% (or maybe 25%) from not engaged to engaged? If that were the case, businesses would experience positive changes in customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover, safety and quality. 

What would it take to achieve such an aggressive goal? 



Continue reading at the CareerPartners International website.
This article was provided by Career Partners International.

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