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Issue: 5
January 2014

We hope 2014 is off to a great start!

In this month's issue of The Power of Talent, Torchiana Executive Consultant Laura de Jong shares her insights on the advantages of partnering with a Career Coach to manage your career.

Being faced with an unplanned career transition can seem like a professional crisis, however, this can be a good time for self-reflection and exploration of your career vision and strategy. Keep reading to find how outplacement services can open doors to opportunities that might have otherwise been hidden.  

Here at Torchiana, we believe that people are your most valuable asset. That's why our staff of professionals has expertise in all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services to help your company grow.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist you with your career management needs.

All the Best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz
The Power of Partnerships
By Laura de Jong

The most successful business professionals recognize that leveraging subject matter experts and advisors who can provide appropriate insights and guidance when and where they need it most makes good business sense. They realize that these partnerships enable them to achieve a higher level of success than they could achieve on their own.

More and more business professionals are applying this same strategy to managing their careers. Whether proactively looking to move forward in their career, impacted by a lay-off, returning to the workforce, or whatever their situation may be, they understand the value of using a career strategy/job search expert. Similar to other business advisor models, partnering with a professional Career Coach can help them get the advice they need to achieve the same level of success in their career as they do in business.

Five Reasons to Partner with a Career Coach

They ask the right questions. When it comes to developing a career strategy and successful job search campaign, most of us do not know where to start. A good Career Coach will offer probing questions that will help evaluate long-term and short-term goals, values, strengths, opportunities and limitations. The answers identified through a thorough assessment process serve as a critical foundation for moving forward.

They can help build a roadmap. Without a career plan or roadmap, we often end up waiting for things to fall in our lap, or letting others determine our direction. Most of us have learned by now that we cannot just expect good things to happen - we have to make them happen. Career Coaches are professional navigators. They can help chart the right course and keep you heading in the right direction, while anticipating and negotiating opportunities and challenges along the way.

They can provide a relative perspective. Even when we know our professional strengths and weaknesses, few of us have a broad enough frame of reference to understand how we stack up against our competition. Because Career Coaches work with a wide range of professionals from various industries and functional areas, they can provide a relative perspective to help you comprehend how you compare to others who do what you do. They can help you understand: your differentiators; your most relevant and valuable competencies; and the aspects of your background that may be most compelling to target employers.

They know best practices. How many times have you undertaken a DIY project only to realize how much smarter it would have been to hire a professional? Career Coaches can save you a great deal of time and energy by helping you learn and apply best practices in career strategy and job search including: how to create a successful marketing campaign; how to leverage social media; how to strengthen and best utilize your network; how to negotiate job offers; and how to create career resilience.

They provide encouragement and support. Research shows that people who have a strong support system experience less stress and are more confident and successful. While working towards your short and long term career and job search goals, having a Career Coach as part of your support system will contribute greatly to your success. A Career Coach, like any other good coach, knows how to balance tough, honest feedback with support and encouragement. They become a trusted advisor and partner in your career journey.

The New Year brings a fresh start and endless possibilities. For many of us, it is a time when we take a close look at our career - who we are, what we do and where we want to go. It's the perfect time to partner with a Career Coach who can support your journey!  


Photo Credit: nanny snowflake
Blog of The Month
The Upside of Being Downsized

Have you ever looked at a trick picture of an image such as a vase? Then, if you look at the same picture again, but this time from a different angle or perspective, you see a totally different image - two profiles looking at each other. This type of picture is referred to as a paradox. The interesting thing is, you cannot view the two images at the same time. You either focus on one image or the other. Sometimes, it's hard to refocus to view the other image once you have the first picture planted in your mind. 

Being downsized and going through a career transition is a little like viewing that type of picture. First, you may focus on the unwanted change - how your downsizing is creating stress, chaos and crisis in your life. Then, if you're fortunate enough to have been employed by an organization that valued outplacement services and worked closely with a personal career consultant, a different perspective might have taken shape.

I have been an outplacement consultant for about a dozen years. Most of my candidates initially view their downsizing as a professional crisis that they need to get through as soon as possible. But within time, a different picture begins to take shape. They view their downsizing and outplacement experience as a hidden gift.

Continue reading at the CareerPartners International website.
This article was provided by Career Partners International.

Photo Credit: Gigi Karlovic
What's New at Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro?
Knowledge Transfer

Corporate America's leading transfer expert, Steve Trautman, has partnered with CPI to provide simple, relevant and quick solutions to help organizations mitigate talent management risks by replicating top talent's expertise, wisdom, and tacit knowledge
. You can check out more details about his program and services on the CPI website by reviewing the webinar and white paper, just click here


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