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Issue: 2
September 2013

Happy September!

In this month's issue of The Power of Talent, we ask "Are you targeting your job search?" Find out how to make the overwhelming task of finding a new job more manageable.

Also, do you know how to tap into the "Hidden Job Market?" Keep reading below for a few tips to finding those jobs that aren't always listed.

Here at Torchiana, we believe that your people are your most valuable asset. That's why our staff of professionals has expertise in all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services to help your company grow.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss further.

All the best,
Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz
The Hidden Job Market
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Having experienced the ever-changing job market for over 30 years, we have gained tremendous knowledge about search strategies that work. The key is to have multiple approaches working at the same time. Surprisingly, it's the hidden job market that tends to get lost in the shuffle. We find most people don't understand the vastness of this hidden market. Tapping into it is a critical part of a good job search strategy.  

Here are some facts you might want to know:
  • Countless positions are never posted on job boards, yet are filled each month.
  • 95% of job seekers use job boards extensively, but less than 20% of available jobs are advertised.
  • Job board applicants yield less than a 5% response rate.  
Even though the size of the hidden job market is hard to accurately quantify, the reality is there are tremendous opportunities that are not posted and are filled through networking, connections and relationships.

Because people are going after the same posted jobs, recruiters are inundated and job seekers are frustrated. The challenge is to make people and organizations aware that you exist. Here are some key strategies to help you begin tackling the hidden job market:  
  • Design your market by creating a list of companies that interest you.
  • Think about how you can add value to these organizations. What problems can you solve?  What is your value proposition to them? 
  • Who can open doors for you?  Network to get into target companies by getting someone of influence to help create awareness about you and what you bring to the table.
  • Leverage social media to learn more about organizations and people, and to actively engage in conversations to share your expertise and create visibility.
  • Be patient, some of the people you meet along the way may help you in unexpected ways. Ultimately, some of the new network may support you in your new venture - they may become vendors, future targets, business partners, etc.
Timing will be a challenge - you'll be too early for some roles, too late for others, but some conversations will be well-timed. The idea is to get to know decision-makers before they have the need for your services and go into interviews unopposed.   

At the end of the day, you only need one job, so tapping the hidden job market can enhance your odds. Bottom line, if you only pursue posted jobs you will miss out on a lot of potential opportunities. 

Want to know more about the hidden job market? Contact us to find out more!

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Blog of The Month
Are You Targeting Your Job Search?

Business Networking Searching for a new job, whether your career transition is planned or unexpected, often seems like a monumental task. It's tempting to jump right in and send out as many resumes as possible. Slowing down and organizing yourself is a critical first step, and taking the time to target your job search makes the seemingly overwhelming task manageable. 

As a first step, identify the characteristics of an organization that are important to you in your next role. Defining these criteria helps to narrow the list of possible companies and create your targets. Your criteria will be unique to you, as it will include the factors that you feel are most important. Some examples of criteria to consider include:
  • Company Size
  • Culture
  • Benefits
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Commute/Travel
Continue reading at the CareerPartners International website.

This article was provided by Career Partners International.

Photo Credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
What's New at Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro?
Business people 1 September is Torchiana's 33rd anniversary, and for us it is so much more than a chronology of years. It commemorates a living history of the people in our organization assisting and encouraging others to embrace their careers. Thank you one and all for generously allowing us to share our life's work with you!

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We firmly believe that your people are your most valuable asset. Our offices in San Francisco, San Ramon and Santa Clara provide service to more than 300 companies and we deliver our services worldwide through Career Partners International (CPI).