Overhaul your Taco Night!

Weeknight meals for families need to be fast, satisfying and able to please a variety of palates. Tacos are a typical crowd pleaser.  They are quick to whip up, but unfortunately, the typical taco can easily tip the scales at more than 500 calories when stuffed with ground beef and cheese. I want to fix that.  For the next two weeks I'll share healthy taco recipes with simple ingredients so you could have tacos every night, but never have the same meal twice!

Pan Asian Taco

-1 lb. pork tenderloin

- cup soy sauce

-1 TBSP olive oil

-1 large onion

-10 button mushrooms

-3 cups of baby spinach

-1/3 cup hoisin sauce, divided

-8 six-inch tortilla shells

Marinate one pound of pork tenderloin in 1/2 cup of soy sauce and a splash olive oil for 10 minutes.   Meanwhile, thin slice a large onion and 10 button mushrooms.  Saute them on low heat in a skillet for 20 minutes or until onions are nice and brown.  Set aside. Toss marinated pork on the grill and cook completely done, about 15 minutes, turning over half way through. Slice thin and serve immediately with flour tortillas, chopped spinach, a dollop of hoisin sauce and onions and mushrooms on top. Serves four.

The Truffle Egg Taco

-2 large eggs

-1 tsp. white truffle oil

-1 cup spinach

-2 flour tortillas

- cup chopped chives

-a dash of Sriracha sauce (optional)

Mix two eggs together and add to a large cast iron skillet.  Cook thoroughly and set off to the side of the pan, finishing with a few drops of white truffle oil (about 1 tsp).  Add one cup of spinach to pan and cook until wilted.  Assemble your tacos: flour tortilla, 1/2 of the spinach, 1/2 of the cooked and truffled eggs, a sprinkle of freshly chopped eggs and dot with the top Sriracha.  Serves two.
Kelly Bowlin
Kelly Bowlin
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